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ok, so...in this quiz, your going to find out what "the date" is. now, im so sorry that it ttok a while. but, i only had about three days to do this because of the 3 day weekend. lets not mention the fact that my paragraphs were too long. sorry bout that.

"Hearts entwined Twenty fingers, twenty toes, two sweet babies with cheeks of rose. Born on the same day, two gifts from above, lives entwined, two babies to love." Author Unknown thats a quote for twins.

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. you entered he house and sniffed the air. tigers. no wolf. no vamp. just tigers. "isaac! layla! i'm home! anyone here?!"you shout. nothing. no answer. you sand in place as you try to think where you left your backpack. crap. the boys have it. that'll be interesting tomorow. you didnt want to think about it. right now, you were starved. you sigh and just as your about to take a step,
  2. the floor board creaks. not from your weight but from weight somewhere to your right. you froze in your tracks and without hesitation, whipped around to face your opponent. you sniffed metal and about 10 daggers were thrown at you. you bent your back and felt like a "matrix" moment. your attacker came at you with a large sword. his battle shout echoed throughout the large cottage. you ducked and stumbled over you but managed to land on his feet. as he was preparing to strike, you decided to run for the closet to get your sword but you slipped. trying to save the humiliation, you whipped around to trip him and caught the sword in your hands all in one swift movement. you ended up pointing the sword at his neck before you realized your opponent was Renzo.
  3. "guys! ______'s here!" renzo shouts. footsteps shower through the house. finally everyone is gathered in the living room. isaac stands in front of everyone and starts to talk. "does anyone remember what happened?"
  4. you stood in front of the streak and told your story starting at leaving the bathroom at the restaurant to fighting renzo. layla steps up and tells everyone her story.
  5. *from layla's point of view* you don't know what was going on. on minute you were leaving the bathroom cracking up after teasing _______ about all the boys liking her and the next minute, they're not asking but telling us to leave. why are they so interested in her? how come she wants to go along with it too? you get a feeling that if you weren't there, ______ really would go along with them. she can't! the date is coming up and it's just impossible for her to love another person. that's what you are trying to protect her from. once the guys said, "we want to talk to ______ alone." you stepped up beside her and gave them the stare down. Luke winced and Jake shifted his weight many times, feeling uncomfortable. Carlos didn't move at all. he stood there like the tall tower he is. "sorry but, i can't.-" _____ she glanced at me and then continued talking, "i don't want to. excuse us." you felt relief spread through your body but then, you felt light-headed. you glanced at ______ and Melody, out cold. you turned to the boys at the table, as if nothing happened. the men at the counter were down. you took all the left-over strength you had to strike at the new kids but carlos took your fist. he's stronger than you. how? your a tiger-shifter! he must be... you lost you're train of thought as Luke took your wrists. he was cold. things wereblurry and you were straight-out tired. you were kneeling and luke still had your wrists. he let you fall and the last thing you saw as you were about to pass out was the boys get up from their seats then fall to the ground.
  6. *back to your point of view* you sat, amazed at Layla's view. her thoughts entered yours immediatly and you felt guilty for even thinking about agreeing with the guys. isaac stood and told his story, it was short. he was laughing with the guys and then he sees al of the girls passed out on the floor in front of the boys. he was about to charge but his knees fell weak and he collapsed. he woke up behind the school and ran home to see if you were there. everyone alse nodded agreeing to being there too. why did the guys kidnapp you and not them? what is about you that attracts them so much?
  7. isaac,without consulting you, proclaims them official enemies. the group seperates to their rooms. he looks at yo expecting you to leave but you dont. you just stand there glaring at him. "what?" he asks. "you know what." you say seriously. "okay, okay. im sorry i didn't consult with you but the situation is pretty obvious." "yes, which is why we need to figure out why they want...us...so much. why...we... interest them so." you say. he rolls his eyes and walks into the kitchen to be a little more private. "no, we need to stay away from them. they aren't interested in US theyre interested in YOU." he snappes. you turn away, not daring to look im in the eyes, "i wanna know why they kidnaped me. what they want with me. it's, its... i dont know! i just want to know. maybe it's a tiger thing." you say. he grabs your arm and says, "no, its a stupid thing. we stay away and that's final." great. something else you hate a lot. he told you to do somthing. not a suggestion, a command. your heart burned with anger. you hate it when people tell you what to do. "no, i'll do whatever i feel like doing! you're not my omega. we are both omega's!" you shout a little louder that you wanted. his eyes turn red, "i am the omega. im older than you!" "by 3 minutes!" you snapped back,"and that doesn't change anything." you say. he continued on his roll of triggers for you, "it's for your own good!" there it is. the last trigger. first the arm 2x. 2nd the commands, last,"its for your own good". your eyes were a dark red and a fire lit up the stove, couch, and microave. your hair was flying everywhere and your necklace that held all your powers glew red. isaac stood there like the tower he thinks he is. things started blowing all over the place. everyone rushed downstairs and stood in shock. after letting every anger in yourself out, everything stopped. the flames cut short and the room was a big mess.
  8. you turned to the group of worried tigers and felt your eyes decide on whether to be red or black. they were all on their knees trying not to fly off into your indoor tornado. they all got up but because of your anger, most of them stepped back, for safety. arturo didn't. you looked straight at him and he winced. "clean this mess up. now." you command as you run up to your room. you dare not look back because your brother would just stand there, deciding on whether or not to apologize.you have had these fights before. only this time, you did the most damage. there's something new to put in the record books. you do what you always do after a fight, you run up to your room and cry. you cry until you fall asleep. you cry until you lapse into the sweet reverie in your dreams that takes you away from reality and hides you in your own fantasy.
  9. the next morning, you wake up to the same nightmares as you had for the past few weeks. it's monday. you sigh and do your morning stuff. you wake up the girls and they wake up the boys. you suddenly feel really hungry and remember you havent eaten for 3 days now. as everyone gets ready, you go off hunting and bring back a large deer. that'll last only today with your hunger. once everyone was ready, you all head to school. isaac was still mad at you. you were still mad at him. you should be fie with each other by lunch. that's how it always is.once you get to school, isaac asks you, "where's your backpack?" you snap back, "why do you care?" his muscles tense. he knows he's stronger than you. so do you. but you both know that your powers can kill him before he can even think about throwing the 1st punch. "where is it?" he asked slowly, trying not to explode. you feel guilty and say, "i left it with the new kids." like that won't trigger him. he growls and takes your wrist pulling you behind the building. the streak knows to head to the lockers like nothing happened. you sighed and followed along. "how are we supposed to get it now? we can't get near them!" he whisper-yells. you roll your eyes, "YOU can't get near them. I can." his grip tightens and he pulls in closer, holding you against the wall, "no, ______. don't go over there. i'll think of something. " you push him away and yank your wrist away. you get angry and set his shoe on fire then walk away. you catch the guys' eye. they walk towards you. backpack and all. Carlos nodds his head towards an edge of the school. you turn around and lean on the wall. they stand in front of you...silence. you got annoyed and broke it, "ok. why did you kidnap me? how did you make us pass out? how are you stronger than layla? and wehy did you not bother to wake me up while i was asleep? he-llo! i was starving!!"
  10. luke answered, "we wanted to talk to you but you refused. you, like... fainted and then we took you to our house. you slept for 2 days straight and we didn't want to wake you.we like to work out at the gym every day after school so we're pretty strong. we can't make a person pass out. i don't know what happened there." you almost believed him. he might be a mythical creature like you. you dont blame him for trying to hide his true identity. how do they smell like humans, though? not your problem or business. you reached for your bag when jake pulled it out of your reach.
  11. you sighed, knowing that they wanted questions answered too. "our turn" said luke. Carlos pitched in, "our apologies if we're being nosy. but, we wanted to know what's going on with your boyfriend." boyfriend? what boyfriend? "what?" you say. luke says, "you know! don't pretend like nothing happened. he dragged you over to this corner not too long ago." Isaac? they thought Isaac was my boyfriend. he'll have a crack at that. this'll be fun. "that's none of your business" you say. you pretend to trip as you walk away and they all dove for you. you grabbed the bag and laughed. Luke reached for your arm but jake caught it instead. you turned around, eyes gray.
  12. you bolted. or at least tried. jakes grip got tighter every step you took and he dragged you back against the wall of the school. "enough!" commanded Carlos. he let you go and you stood there, leaning against the wall, shocked at their strength. thankfully, your an amazing liar and your face expression showed bored. you flipped your hair out of your face and stifled a fake laugh. you pushed yourself away from the wall and carlos held you against it. you knew that a girl had to do, what a girl had to do. you blinked slowly and leaned in, and... nothing. "i know your tricks, ______." you sighed and thought of your next plan. it came in less than a second and you reacted to it immediately. violence. you stretched your leg out carefully and slowly, bent it around his leg, then pulled. he fell to the ground and looked at you in shock. Jake sharged at you but you moved to the side and he ran into the brick wall. he turned and you kicked him in the shin. luke walked up to you slowly,then he said, "you know your a pretty good fighter. it's too bad your ugly." you just straight out slapped him across the face with your hands hot with fire.
  13. you walked away without anyone stopping you. you were so proud that you could handle yourself. you saw the group separated and Renzo's face is so obvious, he was looking for someone. you wore a large grin as you waved them to you. relief spread through him and he speed-walked to you.you two walked to your lockers and you met luz there demanded a story. she told the whole group and they all cracked up at the story of them thinking Isaac was your boyfriend. isaac casually put his arm around you as he saw the guys walk to their spot for the populars in the middle of the Ramada, looking at you. you burn him and say, "don't start." in a serious tone. he pretends to stretch and continues his boy conversation with the guys. you laugh with the girls for a while.
  14. school went by and at the end, you got called to the office.you told the streak you'll be fine and you walked to the office. it was empty. you walked around for a while until you saw a shadow at the corner of your eye. the guys were standing there.
  15. you turned slightly and started calculating the distance and chances between you and the door. "before you think of running,we just wanted to apologize for being so pushy today. even though we don't like your boyfriend, we just wanted to be your friends." you slowly walked to the couch across from the front desk. you layed dow. a weird habit of yours is that you don't sit up straight, you lean your back on an arm of the chair. your legs dangle off the other arm of the chair. its sideways. you got that from your mom. the awkward silence bored you so you spaced out thinking of your mom.
  16. you remember her. the position she always sat in, in the car. she would make the seat push forward all that it goes. then, she'd take of the seat belt, put her knees up on the compartment in the front seat and told your dad, "come on, speed up! let's have some fun." you would lean on the door and put your feat on the seat. your family was weird but awesome. that's when you determined that weird is awesome.
  17. you break the silence after your flashback, "ok, listen. you aren't in my league. understand the pyramid of this high school. you guys are the top. i'm the bottom. we can't be friends. i'm protecting what every normal guy here is worried about. your reputation." Luke shifted weight. Jake lost himself in his own thoughts and carlos spoke," what if we don't want to be popular?plus, do we seem like any normal guys?" Luke answered quickly, "um, no. i kinda likee it. _______, what if you join us. we'll make you popular." "i don't want to be." you said casually. jake pitched in changing the subject, "let's just hang out now." he said. you shrugged your shoulders and the boys sat down. they started asking random questions and you answered. they would answer questions that you would feel strange answering. it all resulted on your habits.
  18. "why do you wear your hair up? it looks much prettier down." asked Jake. you giggled and said, "cuz i'm not that girly. plus it bothers me when something gets in my face. usually it's my hair ." luke says, "thats too bad." you remembered what he said about you that morning. he must have too, "listen, _______ i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said that. i don't know why i said it, you are the prettiest girl i've ever seen." "it's alright. i've heard worse. " you say. you guys keep laughing and joking. 2 hours pass and you barely noticed with being so chill with these guys. "oh no! i have to go. dinner's in 2 hours and Isaac'll kill me if im late." you say, packing your things into your backpack.
  19. you were too shaky to take the shortcut. you ran to the house taking the long way and make it after dinner. your dead. you walk into the dining room with an awkward smile on your face. you look down the hall and into the dining room. the whole place is made of wood and painted orange. the table was decorated with beautiful ochids and roses. the walls were painted in different shades of orange that looked like a work of art. you could get lost in the swirls and zig-zags of the lines. the floor was as hard and cold as stone and the table was cleared of dishes except 2. one must have been your because you always sit across from Isaac. then, at the other side, you have isaac, who's plate was untouched and he was staring not at you, but through you. you sighed, his eyes didn't need to be red in order for you to see that he was angry. his brows ruffled as you reached for your plate and walked to the microwave. "so, what was so important in the office that you had to stay there for 2 hours and miss dinner?" he said irritated. you tried to sound calm and casual but you sounded shaky instead, "the boys. they apologized and we hung out for a while." his eyes turned black and his fists balled up. you put on the invisible force field. he'll break anything right now.
  20. "what is it with you and these losers?" he shouts angrily. Dulce was washing the dishes and you don't face Isaac. the microwave beeps and you say, "Dulce, i'll wash them. you can go to your room." she smiled at you and said, "don't gotta tell me twice. bye!" she ran off. she either didn't wanna get into the fight or she hated washing dishes. you thought both. "Don't ignore me!" Isaac shouts. you walk around him and into the Dining room. he followed you and sat at the other end. he was furious. "i'll ignore you if i want you!" you say. he sat down barely touching his food. "do you like these boys or something?" he said more calmly this time. it was hard to lie to him. he's like your dad. every time you tried to lie, you burst out laughing. you hesitated to answer. should you tell him? he understood the hesitation. he slammed the fork down and stood up. you did the same. "you can't" he breathed. you barely heard him. you yelled, "i did. i...i cant stop it now."
  21. you are not allowed to fall in love. the problem is, you already did. right now, you are falling in love with them. you just don't know which one. "what? what about the date?" you turned away. tears welled up in your eyes. the date. you used to be excited for it but now, your not so sure. he walked up to you and held your arms gently. you leaned on him and sighed. he whispered, "_____. you know what the date is. 'two streaks shall meet one like the other. risk one's life to love one another. two loves shall give one streak survives. two loves shall rule, for the rest of their lives.' you...we are destined to meet our loves. there are two queens and two kings. we will meet at the date, meet our two loves. they will give us one man and one woman for you and for me. they will be the best of their streak. then, we will fight to see which streak will rule. theirs or ours. unless,both of the two streaks decides to separate. one couple ruling each. id like to go with that one." you sighed. tears streamed down your eyes. the date.
  22. you took off crying. you didn't want to hear anymore. you knew what it was. you knew what the date was. you knew everything about it. you were terrified. what if he's not what you think he was? you run into your secret hideaway. you only go there when you are terribly sad. you haven't been there since you first had the nightmare of your family's death. you were 12. your secret hideaway was a small tunnel that led to a hollow tree. it was under your bed hiding under a trap door. you were hiding under the trap door because they might freak out that you were gone. you were sobbing in the darkness when you heard something break and Luz's scream. then... CLIFFHANGER

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