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Hi! Sorry I took too long! I'm taking some summer classes and I'm so busy. Plus, I had writers block. So this was a little difficult. Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned for the next one. I have an idea for the next one. I hope it comes out good.

So keep reading and here's the love quote for today: "I can't be no superman, but for you, I'll be superhuman".  its so cute. So, enjoy the quiz and please stay tuned for the next one.

Created by: cheese1234
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  1. Isaac teleported all of you back to the house in Peru. The jungle was very dark and if it wasn't for your tiger eyes, you wouldn't be able to see a thing. "One thing I know for sure is that the date is supposed to be in Peru. I can lead you to the meeting site but he won't be there. He's not a very patient man. You were supposed to meet at 11:30 right? It's 12:45. He would have waited until 12:30 at the most. I can guess where he went but I can't promise you we'll find him before Joseph." Violet informed. You grabbed a new utility belt filled with wooden stakes and knives. Then Layla gave you your bow and arrows.
  2. "It's worth a try." you said. "Hey, do you know anything about the girl I'm supposed to have?" Isaac asked. Violet looked at him seriously and answered, "She's his best friend. Her name's Jamie. She's a kind girl and she knows how to fight. John taught her." "sweet." He grinned. You rolled your eyes and turned to face Violet, "Lead me to where he could be." She smiled and took your hand. You ran with her and ended up in a place that looked like a jungle inside a jungle.
  3. Vines dangled lazily off of tall trees everywhere. It was crowded. As you and violet wandered the Jungle, searching for John, yo started small talk. "So, how do you know John?" you asked. "We were...good friends in high school 3 years ago." She answered. "Good friends?" you wondered aloud. She nodded, "just good friends." "So how did you end up as a vampire?" You asked. She answered glumly, "we got in a fight and I started hanging out with the wrong people. I got a boyfriend and he bit me. He taught me the ways of a vampire and I refused to kill humans. So he tried to kill me. John saved me and I've devoted the rest of my afterlife to help him." "He saved you?" you reassured.
  4. She nodded, "yup. That's why I came to help you. Why I found you in the first place. We met Riley a few months after he saved me and she tagged along with us. Andrew was running away from his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. So I convinced the dude leave, and by convince I mean beat the crap out of, and Andrew stuck with us ever since." "Oh. That's cool." You commented. She stopped and looked at you, "Don't be afraid of him. He's nothing of what your dreams say. He's the exact opposite. He's a good guy and he deserves a good life with a good girl."
  5. "And you think I'm the model of a "˜good girl'?" you asked. She looked away and started walking again, "you're the closest thing to someone who deserves him. You're not bad. You're just different. And there's not a problem with that. In fact, I think you're the exact type he needs." You glanced at her and smiled. She remained with her poker face. You heard something to your left you turned slightly and saw a black shadow move.
  6. You instinctively jumped behind a tree and drew a knife. Violet remained calm and exclaimed, "John!" John? Was this John? She turned to you and nodded. Darn telepaths and their mind reading. Not one moment of privacy. *got that right. Come on!* she thought to you. You slowly walked away from the cover of the jungle tree. You still clutched your knife in fear of the dreams you've had of him. If Violet read your mind, she ignored it. You took a good look at him. He looked exactly like the man in your dreams. He was the man in your dreams. He had the same hair, same eyes, same body build, even the same expression on his face. But something about it seemed different. He looked softer, sweeter. A cheesy smile pulled at his lips and he took a step towards you.
  7. You hesitated and impulsively took a step back, knife still at the ready. His lips pulled downwards, into a frown. He almost looked hurt. Violet looked worried. Almost as if she was panicking. You didn't realize you were shaking until you dropped the knife that was in your hand. His face turned from gloomy to neutral. He took a few more steps and you fought the urge to maintain distance between the two of you. He stepped slowly, trying not to alarm your senses. *how respectful* you thought. Violet grinned. He stretched out his hand and you cautiously took it. "Hi." He said in the same voice as your dreams. Only this time, it was sweeter, nicer. "Hi". You replied with an uneasy smile.
  8. "I'm John." He said. You giggled, "Yeah. I know. I kind of figured that." He chuckled, "you must be ____." You nodded, "yeah, I am." His smile dropped, "you're late." You laughed, "I got held up." He looked confused. You glanced at Riley and she stepped closer to him. She put her hand to his arm and closed her eyes. He was looking at you but not at you. More like through you. She was showing him what happened just like Layla showed you.
  9. After a few minutes, you realized it would take longer than a few minutes to show what happened in Violet's perspective so you took a seat on the branch of a nearby tree. You then hoped she wouldn't show him your talk with her. You were enjoying the silence of the Jungle and the occasional chirping of rare birds. Then you heard a snap of a twig on the ground a few feet beneath you. You quietly transformed into a tiger and glanced at the cause of the sound. A girl with shoulder length blonde hair, black eyes, black denim jeans, and a silk purple blouse stood there, staring at John and Violet.
  10. *threat* your instincts whispered. Then as you remained still, they began screaming it at you, *Threat, Threat! THREAT! * You gave into the impulse as soon as she stepped forward. You jumped off the branch and pounced on her, growling. She screamed and you fell on her. Were-tiger scents. Why couldn't you smell it on her before? Of course! Foreign animal scents take a while to kick in. She changed and you stepped off of her. You transformed in order to show friendship and after a few seconds, so did she. "Who are you?" you asked.
  11. "I could ask you the same question." She answered. You raised one eyebrow and smiled. "My name is ____. And you are?" she gave a small smile and answered, "Jamie. What's with John?" Jamie? Why did that sound so familiar? Oh! Jamie! Isaac's girl! "You're Jamie?" you asked. "Yes. I just said that. What's wrong with John?" You turned to look at him and saw that he was recovering from Violet's memories. Then you spoke, "You're my brother's girl. You're supposed to be with him. Isaac? Does it sound familiar?"
  12. Her eyes turned into a mixture of white and yellow. Then they turned red. "He didn't come." She said more to herself than to you. "Let's just say we ran into a little trouble. Go to Violet. She'll show you." She looked towards her and you followed her eyes. John was seated on a tree root rubbing his head. "John? What's wrong?" In a second she was by his side. A sense rushed over you, something told you that you weren't alone. You stepped carefully and for some reason, every step seemed to be louder. You tried your best to ignore the feeling and you walked over to John.
  13. He threw his arms around you and you gasped, in shock. Or was it fear? You needed to be stable or he'd fall on you. He whispered in your ear, "I'm so sorry. I can't believe I almost lost you." You felt a bit uncomfortable, "its okay. I'm fine." You heard ruffling in the leaves above you. Before you could sense who it was, you threw John off and you were tackled to the ground.
  14. Using your tiger reflexes you threw the creature off and assumed fighting position. Your hair was flying everywhere and you were blinded by it. Once your vision returned, you noticed john was standing in front of you, protectively. That bothered you. Ever since your parents died, you always took care of yourself. This position made you feel trapped. You couldn't even see your opponent! And his strange scent was overwhelming you. You listened for movement and heard laughing. You jumped over John, knowing who your opponent was. You landed on him and he groaned as you elbowed him in the stomach.
  15. It was Isaac. Now you were laughing, "That's what you get for scaring the crap out of me!" he laughed off the pain and you looked to John. He looked dumbfounded. You and Isaac looked to each other and started laughing again. Violet spoke, "Isaac. ____ "˜s brother." "Oh!" Jamie and John said in unison. "What are you doing here? I thought you were protecting the pack at the house!" you said to Isaac, who was now helping you off the ground.
  16. "They went to the hidden tunnels. Andrew knew the place. The D.B.'s don't know about it. They're safe. I came to get you but I see you're safe and sound with him." He pointed his chin to John. "I'm fine but I'm not so comfortable out here." Isaac put his hand on your back and said aloud to everyone, "come on. Let's get out of here. It doesn't feel safe." You burned his hand off, "probably because you're doing things that are fairly dangerous." He held his hands up in surrender and shrugged his shoulders, "okay, okay!"
  17. You turned to look at John and the girls. You waved your hand in order to show them that you want them to come with you. They hesitated but followed right behind you. Isaac stopped to look for the right direction when you heard leaves crunching not so far from you. You all turned in that direction and assumed into a defensive position. John lingered behind you for protection and it sort of bothered you. The footsteps came nearer to you. You readied yourself then saw who was coming. It was... Cliffhanger!!!!!!!!

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