Part 7 is out. For the rest of this description I'm goon to talk about random thoughts in my head. Why can't I be a normal kid?! What 13 year old wants to create a story and enjoys writing it, allthough I hate typing. Why why can't I be a real kid! What the hell is wrong with me!

Another thought: great I really don't want to go to school. I wonder if people I know would like my story. I dont think so, they'd just call me a nerd, then I guess I'm a nerd. Skrew it it'll be my secret. No one else will know that I'm a writer, can I even call myself a writer?, HELL YA I CAN!!! bye and go take part 7 it's not nearly as random as this is, my mind is much worse this is only a small taste of what my mind is like.

Created by: xxemogirlxx111

  1. PART 7 is out go now
  2. PART 7 is out go now Bcx
  3. PART 7 is out go now do leave please
  4. PART 7 is out go now what the he'll are you waiting for
  5. .......
  6. .... &&&&&&&& go now
  7. Please forgive me
  8. I hate gotoquiz!!!!!!!!!
  9. Hahrahtabagvd DVDs Dd d. DBS dwell
  10. Hahrahtabagvd DVDs Dd d. DBS dwell

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