A different supernatural love story part 1

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  1. I’m driving in my new car and then suddenly on the radio tic tock comes on. I haven’t heard that song in a long time so my friends and I sing loudly and energetic like our life depended on it even though we aren’t the best singers in the world. “Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy.Grab my glasses, I'm out the door, I'm gonna hit this city. Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack. ‘Cause when I leave for the night, I ain't –
  2. I open my eyes. I see my friends: Savannah, Samantha, and Stephanie standing above me. It’s ironic how my bffs all have s as their first letter in their name. I try to get up but the pain hurts too much. “Ouch” I streak… savannah tells me to lay and relax. So of course I asked “what happened…why am I here…and where is here exactly”? Expecting savannah to answer I was surprised when a husky voice said “you got in a car accident.” I turned my head quick because I didn’t notice a boy was behind me. He was so quiet. Not to mention he was a very cute boy. He was tall with glasses on. He had a light complexion not tan but not pale either. He also had black curly hair with green eyes that sparkled. He showed his cute smile when he noticed me checking him out. This made me blush.
  3. But after starring at him for a few seconds I said “how did I get into the car accident …well I mean we but why aren’t you guys injured”. “because______, it hit your side of the car” Stephanie said. “ _____ we were all singing tic tock and when we about to sing I aint coming back, a black SVU hit you. You’ve been in a coma for 3days”. “What?!...you must be lying…my parents would be here if I was in a coma and I would be in a hospital since this is obviously somebody’s room”. The husky boy spoke again “it’s true.” For some reason I had this urge to believe him so I said “just my luck.of course I would be the one to get hurt…not to be mean but it’s unfair how I am always a klutz and get hurt and an accident occurs on my side of the car and you guys walk out perfectly without even a scratch….the universe hates me”. Samantha said “this wasn’t an accident”.
  4. “What do you mean this isn’t an accident.” The boy spoke again and said “we can’t tell you now but by the way I am Evan.” “I am-”. He interrupted and said “______ _____”. “Wait how do you know my name”. “I will explain everything later but first you have to meet the others”… “The others”? I said confusedly. Then the others came in. He did not tell me the others were three hot dudes. I thought I had bad luck but I’m starting to think my luck is changing because 4 hot guys in 1room = me likey. He pointed to one of the guys and said “this is Nick”.
  5. Nick is the same height as Evan. he has blue eyes and his blue shirt made his eyes pop out. It was like a beautiful ocean I would like to swim in. He has brown flappable hair and he grinned. He was playing with a soccer ball throwing it up with his left knee then to his right knee and then everywhere else. He had a soccer jersey so I kind of guessed he was a soccer player. He looked very strong.
  6. Next Evan pointed to a guy named Jace. Jace had red highlights in his nice black hair. He had a nice tan. He had muscles but not too big. It was just the right size. He had a killer smile and looked very confident. He had honey colored eyes that were so pretty. He was two inches taller than Evan and Nick.
  7. Next I met Ian. He kept on staring at me and I stared back. He had nice muscles. He gave me a handshake. His hands were so soft. Then he kissed my hand and said “nice to meet you _____”. When he said that I smiled then a huge grin appeared on his face which showed off his cute dimples. He had black hair which was short. He looked very fit and he had hazel eyes. His eyes were so hypnotizing. You can tell the boys were getting annoyed that me and him just kept on staring at each other and my friends were smiling. But I couldn’t stop, it seemed like we had a connection. It is too hard to explain. Then he moved closer to me and whispered in my ear “I feel the connection too”. Then I asked “did I say that out loud” I said out loud.
  8. Then Nick said “did you do what I think you did …you couldn’t wait till we explained everything to her” he laughed mockingly showing off his dimples again “lighten up be a little good Nick and go play with your little soccer ball.”
  9. Nick eyes turned from ocean blue to hell red. Then he punched Ian really hard. He fell and you could tell it hurt. Then Ian got up all dizzily and then you see Ian’s eyes go from hazel to jet black. Ian said angrily “you shouldn’t have done that”. He pushed nick towards the ground really hard and he hit his head hard on the hard wood floor. Then Nick got back up and they were both about to attack each other. It seemed like it would get really dangerous very quickly. And I was looking around to make sure no sharp items were in this room. I was scared and my friends looked the same way too. They weren’t able to attack each other because just in time Jace held back Ian and Evan held back Nick.
  10. I gained my confidence and said loudly “what is going on here?” They all looked at me stunned and I said “if you don’t tell me I’m leaving”
  11. Nobody answered so I walked away and Then Evan let go of nick and grabbed my hand. “______ we will explain” I nodded my head and he said “the reason you are here is because….
  12. it was a cliff hanger but who do u like

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