7 minutes in heavn with him

Are You Wondering Witch Boy You Would Make Out With Wondering Witch Boy You Will Love For Ever And Ever Well Take my Quiz And You Will see! :) is it gonna be 8 kids or 11 :D

Are You A Lover Hugger Or Anything Else Well Take My quiz To Find Out If You Love The One You Seek :) who knows maybe you know him in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

Created by: stephanie
  1. What Kind Of Guy Do You Like?
  2. Have You Ever Kissed A Boy?
  3. Please Do Not Flag This quiz if you think it is bad for u
  4. What Would You Rather Do With A boy then hug him
  5. If You Were To Marry Him How Many Kids Would You Have?
  6. What Place Would You Like To Make Out
  7. What Color Hair Would Your Boy Friend Have?
  8. Did You Like This Quiz Was It Fun Did It Make Your Day???
  9. Alex Brad Or Danile Pick One
  10. Are You Ready?
  11. Comment Rate?

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