Witch character are you in the last Airbender

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The quiz is made so you can find out witch character you are from the team avatar and it explains some stuff about them like what they bend like aang does airbending

And katara water ends and sokka has his trusty boomerang witch helped him and his friends get out a lot of tight spots like the time he used it to beat sparky sparky boom Man

Created by: Rose

  1. What would be your animal guide in the avatar
  2. What bender are you
  3. Do you have a crush on envy of these people
  4. What weapon do you you have
  5. Who do you want to be
  6. Which nation would you want to be from
  7. Do you think sokka should be a water bender
  8. do you think katara should have married aang
  9. Witch is the worst element
  10. Do you like the movie they made

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Quiz topic: Witch character am I in the last Airbender