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  • Andy (bvb wristband)

    Andy is the lead singer of your favorite school band. he is emo and has jet black hair with deep blue eyes. He's the hottest guy in you school and you've had a crush on him for 3 years now. You pull out a black veil brides wristband and look around. You turn bright red when youv see andy stand up and take you by the hand into the closet. "hi i'm andy." you hear him say. "yeah i know who you are i love black veil brides." you two really hit it off and before you know it you to are kissing. i come in and call time's up half expecting to see you to sitting in seperate corners but to my suprise you to are totally making out. you guys leave the party and go back to his house and pick up were you left off. you guys go out for 2 years then he askes you to marry him. you say yes and have 2 beautiful girls named denim and lace and every night you hear andy singing "the morticians daughte" to the girls every night. you to die in eachother's arms at the age of 97.


  • a[no urls] i would definately want that to happen tohim and julliette, theyre so cute together! also wish that whould happen to me one day...went through a bad engagement with a guy where i wasn't feeling it at all...no love was there and totally went numb for a few hours afterwards...but taking this quiz made me feel human again! TY!!!! (//_^) definately let me know if you make any more quizzes!!!!

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  • Someone stole my name... ): Anyway, great quiz! I got Andy, funny cuz there's a guy in my class named Andy :O

    Loony Luna
  • I got Andy Sixx OMG yes finally I got a hot peice of -ss!!!!! I wanna

    f--- andy so bad! And if anyone ever says he's gay I'm gonna go to your house and beat the sh-t out of you

  • I got Devin. Awesome quiz and results! 10/10

  • Andy Biersack- omfg i love him! I am addicted to his band too

  • Hello siriusblack! Seen any Nargles lately?

  • I got Shane! Hes the QB sweet! nice quiz

    Degrassi girl
  • Andy rox!

  • hey luna_lovegood i am sure you know me... you know sirius... sirius black

  • great quiz.. i got andy..

  • wooo.andy i lovelovelove him!+BVB XD

  • shane, omg!!! he's soooo hottt!!!! :D


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