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  • 7 minutes in Heaven (for guys)
    Your Result: Taylah 84%

    '3' the host says, and you stand up. Taylah stands up smiling at you. You've had a crush on her for 2 years. You walk into the closet. You say"You probably wouldn't care if I died" and she says "No". You say" You will only kiss me because the game rules say so. Taylah says"Yes". You say" You probably don`t think i`m cute" and Taylah says" I don't think your cute, i think your adorable, and I will kiss you even if the rules were to NOT kiss each other, and if you died, I would die too to be with you." She kisses you, and you and Taylah holding hands as you walk out the closet.

  • I'm a girl, but I took this anyway. I got Kelsea and I have no idea why I started the conversation like that. xD It was kind of sweet, but it definately could've been written better. Keep trying!

  • Soooo awful

  • I am a girl, but I wanted to see if you put anything bad about girls in there! Whew, you didn't...

    Malfoy Gal
  • Aw she kept her clothes on.

  • All these are da same!! :O nice, you didn't go all dirty on us :)


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