7 minutes in heaven!

Ok so I made this quiz cuz the main reason was that I was really bored and I wanted to make a 7 minutes in heaven quiz so hope you enjoy my quiz!!!xD$

Soo have to type more words sooooo TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE THE THE THE THE THE THE QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ok then bye-bye cya later peace goodbye AUDIOS!!xD

Created by: PuPpYxoxo
  1. What do you like in a guy?
  2. What type of boy do you like?
  3. Oh pick a number..
  4. Do you think this sounds hot:Name:Luke,dirty blond hair,popular,tan skin,wears dark jeans,uhh this all describes my ex boyfriend/still have crush on him.Oh and shy to talk to you.(yeah that's why I broke up wit him!!)
  5. Do you think this sounds hot:name Dylan,Nerd,weak,wears glasses,loves school,wears pants over his bellybutton..(me:eww that's not hot..Oh and has brown hair,brown eyes
  6. Do you think this sounds hot:Name Cody,BFF,Brown hair,blue eyes,nice,kind,wears skinny baggy or whatever jeans,tan..
  7. Do you think this sounds hot:Name Nick,jock,popular,snob,cheater,lier,brown hair,green eyes,wears cute shirts and pants..
  8. Cuter name...
  9. Rate/comment?
  10. Cya

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