The Flirting Games (remake!)

I have made this quiz to see if people like my love series! Plz take a comment/ rate! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ! Oh, will you plz check out Seven Minutes in Heaven (Fun and NOT Dirty!) Just so you know, this is a remake of the origanal version I made. Thank you!

Plz take my quiz, and remember this is my first time making one of these and don't say I copied you if you made a Flirting Game quiz, I thought they were cool so I'm disiding to make one of my own! Don't critisize me! Have fun! BYE!

Created by: popbomb9
  1. Who sounds the most appealing? Max: super hottie, Leo: Emo guy who can be sweet when he wants to, or Paul: sweet sports lover
  2. Ha ha! Those were random names I picked out. They aren't use in my results!
  3. Which one is the most like you?
  4. What do you look for most in a guy?
  5. Which sentence is the most ridiculous to you?
  6. Have you taken my other quiz: Are you in love?
  7. How do your friends discribe you?
  8. What do you in your free time?
  9. Plz note: the rest of the questions don't count! How do you like dairy?
  10. Last thing: Please rate/ comment! It means the world to me if you give your feedback (not barf) and I will not continue this series if at least 3 people say I should in comments or at least I get rated a 5!

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