5sos Boyfriend ;)

Luke is my fav 5sos boy and I love him so much. I hope you love 5 sos as much as I do cause then you are. Like a buff to me!!! Tell me if you have kik tell me your name cause I have kik.

I hope you enjoyed taking my quiz and that you have now found out who your 5 sos match is and maybe your future husband??? Most of my friends aren't into 5sos unlike me.

Created by: LukeHemmingsLover
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. #FREEBIE!! Who's your fav out of the 5sos boys?
  2. Who do you like most?
  3. What's your fav song?
  4. Do you have any other fav singers?
  5. What t. V shows you think 5sos should star in?
  6. What do you what to be when you grow up.
  7. Who would be your dream 5sos husband?
  8. Do you have a boyfriend?
  9. Almost done are you happy??
  10. Do you sleep with a teddy?
  11. Last question what is your favourite sport.

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