How well do you know 5sos?

Have you ever wondered how much do I know 5sos? Take this quiz and you'll find out. Are you a die hard true fan or a fan the making. Maybe you are a newbie and are trying to keep up with pop culture? Let's see...

5sos. You've probably heard of them before. Now you may know a bit about them but do you know a lot. Take this quiz and find out, how well you know 5 seconds of summer.

Created by: Mackenzie
  1. Who likes penguin? (Starting out simple!)
  2. How many awards did they win at the MTV EMA awards? (We be getting trickier)
  3. Which month of 2015 will they be playing their first headLine show in Tokyo?
  4. In 2012, what age was the youngest Luke would date?
  5. Who claims pizza is the best food ever?
  6. Who would turn gay for John Mayer?
  7. When was the band formed? Which year?
  8. Who basically uses their head as a paintbrush?
  9. If Calum was a girl who would he date out of the band?
  10. What song did they change the title to because it sounded like they were singing about alcohol?
  11. Where did they think of the band name?
  12. This will be out of pure luck. Pick one very widely.
  13. Who once said they would turn gay for their guitar (don't ask)?
  14. Who has the best rump? The best set of buns? The best piece of bread in the bread box. You get the point.
  15. Last question....who's favourite pizza topping is pepperoni?
  16. Before you go...if you cheated you automatically lose. Just saying. Pun intended. Click the right answer to finish.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know 5sos?