4 Boys and so many possibilities (Part 4)

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Hi! Heres part 4! Hope you all enjoy this one! I have an anouncement! TAKE BEAUTIFUL SECRETS! Its a really great quiz! I'm not kidding! And I don't kid around! I'm serious my friends call me the mature one in the group.

I'm so excited too! Final Fantasy XIII-2 is almost here! I looked it up and every one is different! Hope looks hot! Lighting she looks like a worrior goddess! Snow reminds me of a blond Waka but looks cool! Sarah! She still looks like a 15 year old. But Hope is cute! Cuter then the first one! Also those who critze the Final Fantasy series. Stop complaining. The series are still going great. 13 was honestly my favorite. I may not have played all of them but its a good video game series. So stop being a jerk and just actually think about the great story! I like the gaming system for 13. In fact I think its better. So stop your critizeing it and have the people who enjoy it (Like me) Enjoy it and keep your coments to yourself please. Thank you. TAKE BEAUTIFUL SECRETS!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. I walked over to Steven's house and knocked on his door. He answered and said "Hi ____" "Hi? Is that all you have to say to me is hi?" I said angerly. "What you want me to say bye like that one song by th beetles?" He said. "Your suspened!" I said. "Yeah about that....." He said putting his hand behind his head and had that grin on his face that I loved. "Look Steven why did you get suspened?" I said walking into his house. He closed the door and I looked around. "Where are your parents?" I asked.
  2. "They went out today. Its like their date night for the month." He said. I sat on the couch witch was big. It was nice and soft. He sat next to me. "So why did you get suspened?" I asked. "I was bored and stayed after school. I caused a little bit of a ruckus...." He said grinning. "Gosh his grin.....No _____. Stay on topic......oh my gosh his sweet grin- Back on topic!" I thought. "I kinda messed up with the marching band's equipment when they went on water break....." He said smiling. "What did you do?" I asked. I sat up wanting to hear this story. "I broke a tuba by accident......I guess tubas are not as strong as said to be." He said. "Steven you can't be causing trouble all the time. Its not good!" I said to him. He looked at me. He got a little closer. My heart started to beat faster.
  3. "Come on _____. I was just checking it out. Anyways you use to do that type of stuff too you know?" He said. He put his arm around me. "I don't like what the consenquences are...." I said. He brought me closer and whispered in my ear "But it feels good to do it right?" He kissed me. I kissed him back. He brought me closer. I could barely breath at how tightly he was bringing me to him. I put my arms around his neck and fell on my back. The couch was nice and soft. We kissed and soon he was pulling my shirt off. I stopped him and said "I don't want to...." I said pulling away. "____ I love you. Don't you love me?" He asked. I sat with my back to him and he held me close. "I don't know who I love......" I said. I then got up and left his house.
  4. I went to my home and layed on my bed. "Who do I love.......I love Steven but there is also Nathan......But I also love Brad....and I want to love Jack to.......who do I choose!" I thought. It made my heart ache not knowing who I love.....
  5. The next day I stayed after school. I had no reason to. I felt like telling someone all of this but I don't know who....I feel so confused. I heard someone sit next to me. I looked to my side and saw Nathan. "Is something wrong?" He asked me. "No everything is fine. I'm just wondering what to do after graduation." I said. "Well thats going to be a life choice right there. Theres thousends of jobs out there. Some you have to plan ahead like before high school and some just come naturally." Nathan said. "Yeah I guess." I said. "You could be doctor, teacher, dancer, taco bell worker" He said nuging me. I smiled. "Or you can be with me." He said in a low voice. I looked at him and he kissed me. We made out for a while. My heart beated rapidly his touch was warm. But I felt more confused. "I'm sorry..." I say pulling away. "I gotta go..." I said getting my things and I left him. "I'm so confused...." I said with tears swelling up in my eyes.
  6. The next day was a week day. The dance was almost here. It was on a tuesday night of the 13 and I heard that they were going to do fireworks. It was three days away and I still had no partner or date for the dance. I walked over to Brad's house to see what was going on. I knocked on his door. He answered and brightened up when he saw me. "Hi _____" He said. "Hi Brad" I said. "Come in" He said. I smiled and walked in. "How's your sister?" I asked. "Shes not doing well. She's now in the hospital..." He said looking down. "I'm sorry is she okay?" I asked. "Well she's been having a hard time breathing and she seemed to get tired really easily.....we took her to the doctor and..." He looked down on the ground. "We found out that she has....... cancer..." He said. A tear rolled down his cheek. "Cancer? How?" I asked. "She has a tumor near her heart and its pretty big....they need her in the hospital to make sure that she'll do alraight..." He said. I put my hand on his shoulder and said "Its okay Brad she'll be okay" I patted his back. Jasmine the little sister that he has. His only sibilng is now in the hospital. With the worse disease in the world. Cancer......
  7. The next day I was sitting in the park. The grass was green and the park was quiet. No one was really around. The pound was small but it was peaceful. The big dog park had two siberian huskys there and the small dog park had two Switchus (Its the Todo dog from wizard of oz) I felt like someone sat next to me. I looked to the side and saw Jack. "Hi ______" He said to me. He was looking down at the ground. "Jack...." I was about to say but he said "I'm sorry that I've been such a big jerk to you.....I always liked you......" He said softly. I looked at him. "But I don't want you to get hurt because of my father. I would get close to at least someone and he ruins it. Scaring them off......" He said. His face so depressing to me. I got close to him and said "Jack your dad doesn't look that bad......well he looks like a pot bellied pig." He smiled "That sure is true." "But your older now. More stronger. You can stick up to your dad." I continued "I also want to know you. The real you." He looked at me with those bright yellow eyes. They were like the sun. "I think your right _____. Will you go to the dance with me?" He said. I nodded. "Sure see you at the school at 7:00 pm." I said. He nodded. Then we just talked and had a good time. There was actually a perfect time when he could have kissed me. But I was glad that he didn't. It would have made me more confused. We said our good byes and I walked home with the same thought. "Who do I like......"
  8. The next day school went by like a breeze. Steven I guess had one day of suspension. So that ment that he would be exspecting me to go to the dance with him. Brad asked me and I didn't want to break his spirits and said yes. Nathan asked me and I said yes. I had to find out who I really like and tell them all at once. But it's sure going to be hard.....Who do I choose!
  9. Okay! Thats the end! Part 5 will be the last one! This one will decide your future with the guys okay?!
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