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Hi! This is the final for 4 Boys and so many possibilities! Take part 4. No one took it yet so you might get a little confused or not know who to choose!

I'm also making two other series called Love found at Sea" and my newest one "Life in Cocoon". Take they if you want. Comment and rate please! It helps a lot!

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. It was the day of the dance. I got ready in a yellow short dress with high heels and curled my hair. I put on mascara and red lipstick. I walked out and the sun was setting. I waited in the court yard. "Okay how am I going to tell them all....." I thought to myself. "But who do I like?" I thought again. I saw Brad with his sister Jasmine in a wheel chair. She looked really sick but she putted on one of the sweetest smiles. "Hi ____" She said. "Hi Jasmine." I said "How are you?" "I'm great!" She said weakly. "Jasmine I think you should go back to the hospital." Brad said. "No.....I want to stay Brad..." She said weakly again. She forced a smile.
  2. I heard footsteps and saw Nathan. "Hi" he said. (Okay imagine all the guys in suits. Nathan's is half loose on the top part of the bottons, Jack's is bottoned, Steven's is loose and Brad's is loose from the bottom." Jack came and so did Steven. They all looked at each other and Steven said "____Whats going on?" "Look I like you.....all of you.....but I don't know who I love.....I'm confused and the more I'm with either of you guys I get more I hang out with either of you......I just want to cry.....I don't know who to decide....." I said. Tears almost swelled up in my eyes. "I don't who I love!" I said almost crying.
  3. "Choose will you?" Steven said. Jack looked at him and said calmly "Steven she needs to think." Nathan snapped at him saying "All you been was a jerk to her all this time!" "You guys stop your going to-" But I turned and ran off with tears in my eyes. I was glad that none of them ran after me. I cried with my head in my palms.
  4. The dance started and I just cried fo hours and hours. I heard someone sit next to me. I looked and saw Nathan. "I'm sorry but I love you _____......I hope that you have the same feelings for me...." I just said nothing. "You want to know what happened? I got accepted to the ASU college.....they gave me a full ride to any team I want to be on after college...." Nathan said. "I thought that you should know that...." Nathan then left.
  5. The sun was now gone and it was an hour till the fireworks. I walked and saw Steven. "____" He said to me. "I love you and never felt this way to anyone. I know I'm a screw up but I just hope that you'll love a stupid screw up like me..." he said. He then walked away. I wanted to cry again but forced myself not to.
  6. I then saw Brad. He walked to me and said "_____. I know I stutter a lot when I'm near you and you probably think I'm jut some helpless guy who is just trying to take care of his sister and get a girl that I like. But I'm not all that......I'm going to a comunity college and hopfully become a store owner......I just want to let you know that I love you no matter what...." Then he left. "Who do I choose?" I thought........
  7. I was about to decide but Jack came and said "____. I love you and I know that I been the worst guy in your entire life to you. But I just didn't want my feeling to show and to let you know that I got a scholorship to Stanford University......I'm going to become a doctor......But I don't want to do all of that alone......" He looked down and walked away.
  8. I sat outside by myself. I cried. My heart was so torn into pices. Part of it wants to got with Nathan.......but another want to be with Steven.....one piece wants to go with Brad.....and the other wants to be with Jack! I cried. My heart ached. "Who do I love.....Who do I love?!" I said. Tears came running down my cheeks. "I can't decide!" I said. "I love them all but can't have them all......." I sniffed. I tried to wipe away my tears but they kept on coming down. I took in breaths through my nose and out of my mouth. I did this over and over. Until my tears dried. The fireworks were about to come on in 10 minnutes. "My last year in high school.....I'm about to see fireworks........but I can't find out who I love....." I said. "____" I heard a familiar voice. I turned and saw Jasmine. She was alone. "How did you get here?" I asked. "I been here the whole time. But ______. It hard to choose who you like. Your heart can't decide. But don't just look for answers in your heart. Look for answers in your soul.....Your soul is part of your heart. Its what makes our personality......our laughs.....our crys.....our joys.....and our fears. Its what makes us human." She said. "So just not only look into your heart ____. Look into your soul....."
  9. I was about to say something but she said "I'm going to die tonight.....I know it.....I remember seeing Brad take care of me all the time when mom was not home. The way he use to smile. I miss seeing that every day. But he just forces a smile...I can tell.....But as I speak I feel my body get weaker......as death calls my name....." I said "You wont die we'll take you to the hosptital. We'll-" But she just smiled weakly and said "But I want to do one last thing......see the fireworks....not just from here. But up in the sky......to feel the breeze. The quietness. The peace.....then hear the crackles and pops of the fireworks....." She said. "But they come on in 5 minnutes." I said. "Oh well...." She said. "Guess I wont see them...." "No you will."
  10. (Play Promised Enternity. FF13)I grabbed the handles of her wheel chair and pushed it as fast as I can. I grew tired and then I bumped into Jack. "Jack move I need to get Jasmine out of here cause she's about to die and she wants to see the fireworks before hse does!" I said quikly. He nodded and picked her up. She held onto his neck and he held her back and back of her knees. "The best place is the roof. He ran and I ran with him. People surrounded us and wouldn't move. Nathan saw us and I said "Distract them please!" Nathan nodded and said "Hey! There Lady Gaga! Dressed as a bird!" Then people moevd out of our way to find Lady Gaga. We ran and Brad said "Whats going on?" "We gotta take Jasmine to the roof!" I said as we ran past him. Nathan, Brad and Steven ran with us. 3 minnutes till the fireworks start. There was the enternce to the roof. But teachers were guarding it. Steven came and kicked their butts. "Go I'll hold them off!" He said. I opened the door and the stairs was long and high. Jack ran and Brad brought up a chair. He gave it to Nathan who ran quickly to the edge and setted it up. Jack sat her down on it and she smiled weakly.
  11. Brad was on her right. I was on hier left. Jack was on her back left Nathan was on her back right and Steven was in the back middle. "Hold on. For a memory." He said pulling out a camera. He timed it to take a picture in 30 seconds. Jasmine looked at Brad, to Nathan, to Steven, to Jack and to me. "Thank you all....." Brad looked at her. Then the first pink firework flew up in the air. She turned her head to face them. She smiled and said "Thank you....." The picture lit off. Brad looked at her and her eyes were closed. Her head was leaning on his shoulders. Her chest no longer moved. A tear went down his cheek. The fireworks blasted up in the air. Each being a different color.
  12. "Jasmine....." Brad said. Jack looked at her and he looked like he was about to cry. So did the others......."Your soul is part of your heart......Its what makes our personalitys.....our laughs....our crys......our joys and our fears. Its what makes us human.....So not only look into your heart but your soul......." Jasmine's voice echoed in mine. I look into my soul. As I slowly listen to my own soul my pieces in my heart soon come back together.......my soul is one with my heart. My heart can't decide by itself....it also has to listen to my soul....it needs to hear what it has to say.....and my soul loves.......

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