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  • I love the ending I got with Brad, and I actually felt like something pierced through my lungs when Jasmine died, that proves how much of a great author you can be. BTW, it's exactly 2:33 and I can't believe I stayed up late to take a quiz, ooh, it seems like it's 2:35 now

  • That was a beautiful ending. I hope Jasmine is happy in her new home. I honestly now have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. At least she got her dyeing wish..... to see the fireworks. :, )

    elf maiden
  • Your quizzes are amazing :D

  • *Cries secretly* (you:are you crying?) no I'm not............... Ok fine I am it's just so happy!!!!!!! *cries till my eyes fall out* (you: here *hands me a tissue*) thank you!

  • My life with Jack :D


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