40 Yes or No Questions

Hello there! How are you today? Good? Bad? ANSWER ME!!! What ever. Anyway, this is a long test that asks you a bunch of questions. I will explain what you are expected to do in this quiz. Good luck!!!

1. Please be honest! If you are actually honest, the score at the end will be much more accurate. 2. Please, PLEASE, don't say mean things in the comments! All it does is hurts people's feelings. 3. Have fun and follow the other rules!

Created by: LadyRainicorn
  1. Do you like reading?
  2. Do you like Brussel sprouts?
  3. Are you still in school?
  4. Do you have a cat?
  5. Have you seen the TV show, Once Upon a Time?
  6. Are you a petifile?
  7. Have you read The Hobbit?
  8. Have you read Frankenstein?
  9. Do you have a little sister?
  10. Are you male?
  11. Are you female?
  12. Do you have green eyes?
  13. Are you bullied?
  14. Are you the bully?
  15. Do you believe in ghosts?
  16. Do you wish you were a rattlesnake?
  17. Do you like eggplant?
  18. Do you sometimes wish you were a liger?
  19. Are you considered a nice person?
  20. Do you workout?
  21. Have you ever heard of Crossfit?
  22. Do you live in an apartment?
  23. Do you have a crush/boyfriend/girlfriend?
  24. Do you travel a lot?
  25. Have you stayed in a home since you were born?
  26. Do you know Spanish?
  27. Do you know English?
  28. Do you know where Iceland is on a map?
  29. Are you snippy sometimes?
  30. Do you have a pet fish?
  31. Do you like Science?
  32. Do you like Math?
  33. Do you like History?
  34. Do you like Language Arts?
  35. Have you ever heard of chocolate pizza?
  36. Have you ever actually tasted chocolate pizza?
  37. Do you think it tastes bad?
  38. Do you wear glasses/contacts?
  39. Do you like the Hunger Games?
  40. Will you comment?

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