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  • 30 minutes in cool heaven ( Gals only)
    Your Result: Harry Oswald

    What, your BFF? You wonder how can it happen! After all is that not your BFF? After entering the oom, he holds you passionately by his side and kisses you.....you never thought that his lips would be so juicy..."I have always loved you------, from the first sight I had glimpsed of you,..." Saying this you go at once to the 4th base and every week on sunday he comes to your house to have the "feelin'"......Have fun!!!

    Well, I got Harry Oswald. He is one of the cool n hot guys........

  • @Roxy--- Well Roxy, I was trying to be more polite. There are people who are saintly in the sense that they are not that used as you are in hearing those words.

    Bye Roxy!

  • I got Harry as well! High 5 sister!

  • Leonardo swoon :)

  • haaarrryyyyy.i once had a best friend like thak but i had to get out of school for like 3 months in those 3 months or over the summer time he moved.


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