2:16 in the Morning

Hello. This series has more than 3 parts so enjoy it while you can. Its about a girl named Anna who ... wait a minute, just take the quiz and you'll see!

The first one has nothing to do with the title but trust me it will! I hope you enjoy the series and comment and rate pretty, pretty pleassssssssssse!

Created by: chaz55

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  1. You're in a dark room. Alone. Scared. You don't know what to do or how to get out. You hear a sound. You look to your left and two men of the size of 6'5. One grabs you by the arms, the other by the legs. They carry you outside of the room. As you're trying to reopen your eyes because of the strongness of the light you see a man of 72 inches (6'0). "Hello, he says". "Hi" you answer. "What's your name?" he asks you. You don't remember your name. You come up with "Anna Smith." "Liar" he shouts quickly. One of the guards smacks you and you're awake in your normal bed and you remember everything.
  2. You go downstairs to witness a man with a gun. The gun is pointed at your parents and your little brother. "Hello Anna." he says. "How do you know my name" you demand for an answer. "don't you remember? I invaded your mind" the gun is now pointed at you. "Wasn't that a dream?" you ask. " Yes but I invaded your mind." The man points the gun back at your bro and parents. you:
  3. A teenage boy about 18 years old, jumps through the window and tackles the guy with the gun. Two guys behind him. The manage to get the gun from him, but he escapes with his life.
  4. They introduce themselves. There's a guy with tanned skin, brown eyes and hair. His name is Stephano.
  5. The guy whos the 17 come up to you and says his name is Roger. He has long blonde hair to his shoulders and sea blue eyes.
  6. The other guy steps up. "Excuse my foolish friends. I'm Zach and I'm 19 years old." says the guy who has brown eyes and light brown hair.
  7. Stephano suddenly reaches for his phone is his pocket and tells a guy named Dylan to come and reveal his secret. "That's strange." you say. "I have a best friend named Dylan and ..." He interrupts you. "Just wait and see."
  8. Suddenly, the door got knocked down. You see your best friend, with his hair curly as ever, Dylan. "Hi Dy" He interrupts you. "No time to talk. Listen to me. Stephano's werewolf. Roger is a vampire. You won't believe it but I have the power to heal and Zach has the power of Invisibility and Telekinesis."
  9. "Do I have any powers?" you ask. "No, but you are in high power!" "Huh?" "See you're the king o" "KING!" "Well the had no king so the made a girl king. Whoever you choose to marry in your land, you will develop their power."
  10. The doorbell rang. You go to answer it. By the time the doors open half way, you hear Zach yell "noooo!" The hooligans you saw in your nightmare are standing right in front of you. One of them says "Hello beautiful" and then knocks you out.

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