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  • Well... it was alright I guess. There wasn't a part 3 that I could find and the ending was really sudden. It did say 21 years to live, so shouldn't there be more quizzes? Sorry, I'm being such a pessimest.

  • I think it should've been longer. And it was really rushed and depressing and didn't explain like stuff that needed to be explained.:(

  • O.o Btw, Viola the part 3 isn't showing up on the new quizzes so.. If you can click my name then you could find it. Thank you and I shall be making more quizzes sooner or later xx333

    Xx 3mo_Star xX
  • I am with both of them. It says 21 years to live. But how you stared series made it hard for you to end it. Maybe if you stared it easier it would...we know make it easier. But I still thinks it's a good series. Just it's not long at all.

  • I kinda agree with _violalover_. But it was a good short series! *mutters* I guess *mutters* ;P :3

  • i thought is was sad but to the point..
    i liked it actually

  • awwww! this ending was a rip off!!!! i liked this series too...


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