21 Years..To live!? *Part 4* ..The final...?

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this is an awsome quiz and i hope u enjoy it this is an awsome quiz and i hope u enjoy it this is an awsome quiz and i hope u enjoy itthis is an awsome quiz and i hope u enjoy it

Created by: Xx 3mo_Star xX
  1. Time passed.. It's been 20 years and you've spent all the time fighting the war.. It's settling down.. O_o
  2. Jake walks over to you.. Picks you up and kisses your head.. A volcano explodes! :O Jake picks you up and you two run.. Run for days.. you touch Jake's soft cheeks with your hand and smile.. "Goodbye Jake.." You say as your eyes close and you slowly drift off.. The war stopped.. You kids grew up.. Your sisters and brothers lived and fought.. You were forever aged at 16..
  3. "___.." Jake's 17 year old (he was forever aged too) faded into a frown.. A Broken scream on his face broke out! "_____!!!" he screamed as you lifted.. Up to heaven...............................................................
  4. lo
  5. tu
  6. Tell me how I'm doing and I'm sorry this was kinda a bummer but it said 21 years to live right?
  7. Rate/Comment And BTW I'm also sorry this kinda s^cked because I'm so tired.. Ima be starting a new series! ^^ I say it in the thing so don't worry ;)
  8. lo
  9. hahahaha
  10. mhhhmmmm

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