21 Years..To live!? *Part 2*

Mk so please rate/comment and tell me your ideas and stuff x3 Thx you! >:D Baii :3


Created by: Xx 3mo_Star xX
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  1. Mk so recap: You just had to jump off the mountain just before it blew to bits..! You just landed on an island :O!! There's a GIANT ocean surrounding it.. Many sharkies!!(D:) So you get on the island and you hear something HUGE coming towards you..........................
  2. "Jake!?!? WHERE ARE YOU?" You scream, *Great I'm alone with a baby in a large-animal infested island!* you think.. It comes closer and you practically jump out of your skin!!!! :O
  3. Its Jake.. Or so you thought.. O_O 'Jake' comes full blast towards you.. *HOLY s---!* you scream in your mind.. :O The real Jake comes behind you, grabs you and runs from 'Jake' :O
  4. You two disapear into a huge palm tree. "____, Are you okay?" He says in a low tone, You stare at him in dream land.. You said that one word you hate.. "No..." "____ You have 21 years to live.. It's going by fast...!?!?!?!?!" Jake says right after you slid that horrid word out.. "What do you mean!!" You scream in his face..
  5. "I mean its 21 years till the world ends..WE end.." He shouts back "B-b-b-but ugh.." You put your head in your hands and practically drench your face with salty, wet tears.. He comes over and sits next to you and hugs you.. *It's that awesome hug he hugs..* You think as your tears dry up....
  6. He lets go and says "21 years to stop the war..You up for it?" He says with a grin. "Mhm.." You grin back and kiss him. :D You jump off the palm tree onto another and another until your on the edge of the forest. "Come on Jake.. Just below these waters is a secret passage.." "Mk ____" He replies, You grab Dakara and jumps in covering her face with your hand. Jake quickly comes beside you.. *Oh s---! The sharks! Damn!* You think as one comes towards you.. Somehow you whistle to your pet killer whale! :D It eats the shark and you swim into the 1000000 ft depths on its back.
  7. You open the door and you all swim in and take deep breathes of the fresh sea air. :3 You put your hand on your stomach and see that the babies still alive! :D *Yay! >:D* You scream in your mind :D You walk into the passage and run through many doors and halls.. Finally you reach the door to Colorado.. (USA) You get out of the door and see that it's very pretty
  8. "Wow.." You and Jake both say. You grab a bazooka and a sledge hammer and put some pistols and other guns in your pockets and stuff.. *Time to end this* you think as you stuff a nuclear bomb your back pocket.
  9. Mk so cliff hanger >:D Me so evil x3
  10. Mk so part 3 comings soon.. Please watch out for it.. Comment and Rate please.. I also accept ideas/adjustments/feelings about the quiz/etc. Please tell me how I'm doing :D

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