21 Years..To live!?


Created by: Xx 3mo_Star xX
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  1. The cold winter.. The bone chilling winds. Who will keep you sane? It's been years since you've seen your parents.. You will never find them in this mess.. The world has been destroyed.. You are living on the only sane place on earth.. There's water..Food...? It's been time since you've gotten off this 18,000 ft. Mountain..
  2. You clutched your younger brother (5) In your warm arms.. You watched as the war below became worse and worse.. You little brother (Tyler) Started crying in your arms.. What were you going to do? Jake ran over *your best friend since you were 1 months* with your baby girl.. (2 months) "____, The baby wont stop crying." He says in a irritated tone (xD) (Btw she's yours and Jakes...) You sigh..
  3. -Middle Explanation of the story- Your 15. your name is Jay Siloh. (Even though it says ____) Your best friend is Jake Carter. He has jet black hair and Icy blue eyes. He's about 6'4" and very muscular. He loves you and you two had a baby together. You live with him, your baby (duh), your 5 year old brother (Taylor), and your 6 year old sister (Lilly). Your living on a 18,000 ft. mountain in the Rocky Mountains. (it's 2040 so things have changed). BTW -YOUR ALSO 5 MONTHS PREGNANT WITH A BABY BOY- Mka Bk to story x3
  4. You put your hand on your stomach and look out off the mountain range.. Jake comes behind you and locks one of his arms around your waist and the other he puts on your hand (which is on your stomach xD) You start choking and black out..
  5. You wake up on your bed next to Jake.. You sit up and realize your lungs are tight. Jake wakes up and pulls you into him, He kisses you, He kisses your stomach and smiles........... You and him get up and you walk to the kitchen and see Lilly and Tyler sitting at the table feeding Dakara (your baby) You go and get some cereal.. Nom on it and hear a bomb. The mountain shakes and you all fall down on the floor "OW!" you say as you rub your head...
  6. "Holy cr@p!" Jake yells as he bumps into the wall.. "WTF was that?!?!?" you scream as you get up and rub your tummy.. "A bomb.." Jake says.. You look out the window and see the Navy coming towards your in-the-ground house. "WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" you say grabbing Dakara. "JAKE GET LILLY AND TAYLOR!!" "MK!" You all run out and run as fast as possible.. Your pretty fast considering your pregnant.. "OMG!" You scream as a sharp pain hits you in the gut.. Tears form in your eyes as you realize that the baby is dieing.. D: You keep running avoiding the pain..
  7. You grab your parachute and throw Jake his.. You jump off the mountain and hold Jake's hand. *This is it* you think as you pull the chute and glide far-far away.. You finally land on an island.. its pretty and awesome.. CLIFFHANGER x3 please wait for part 2!!! :D Comment please! :DD
  8. Narwhalz Narwhalz swimming in de ocean causing a commotion coz dey are so awesome, Narwhals narwhals pretty big and pretty white they beat a polar bear in any fight.. like and unda-watah uni-corn dey got a kick-a$$ facial horn.. lalal xD
  9. d
  10. lo

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