love at midnight

This is an epic love story about a girl who doesnt having any family excpet for her sister Kami beause of a car accident 4 years ago however her world is about turn upside down.

You are turning 16 and its been 4 years since a accident that left your parents dead. You live with your sister Kami, but things have been getting wierder when you get home Kami always seems like shes hiding something and there is this dream that keeps coming back but for some reason you think you know it somehow...but you dont know how?

Created by: kia manson

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  1. Your 16th birthday is coming up but for the last few days you keep having the same wierd dream. Your in the forest and your running. You dont know what your running from you just keep going til you run on to a meadow full of redding roses you turn around as you hear a twig snap you turn to see..... Thats when you always wake up you dont know why but you seem to know that place. but you forget about and you decide to get ready for school you choose a outfit for school.
  2. After you choose your outfit you go down stairs to see you sister Kami cooking bacon and eggs. "Hey____, want some breakfast?" You look at her as if she just asked you if you wanted to run a marathon. "Ya....ill eat your food when it cant kill me." She laughs at you and decides to give you twenty bucks for starbucks. you run out the door and get into your baby blue camero with two black strips and begin to drive too starbucks.
  3. When you get to starbucks you see Cathy your best friend. She smiles at youand handsyou the chocolate chip and syrup cappcino with your name on it along with a glazed dounut. You try to hand her your 20 bucks, she looks at you annoyingly. "Kami tried cooking again i take it?" Cathy smiled as you raised an eyebrow "When you meaning cooking dont you mean attempted murder?" She busted out laughing. "You almost ready to go to school?" She tells you in a minute so you start the car in 20 minutes you got to school when her boyfriend Garret walks up to your car. "Hey honey, hey _____ he gives you a kiss on the forehead and heads to Cathy to kiss her lips. You smiled and walked away as you hear Cathy giggle. (in your head your think *i wish...)
  4. You come back to reallity when you hear your 3 guy friends whom you meet this year, "oh hey guys, whats up?" Tyson spoke first " are you sore cuz you been running through my mind!" You roll your eyes and smile "Your so wierd." Kevin spoke second " Can i borrow you for a moment?" he asks as he grabs your arm and pulls you. "Hey what the..." Kevin just smiles at you and gives you a rose from his locker. "Why on earth are you?" He interrupted and all the guys scream HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you were shocked that they remember. but then you see Kami walking up to you and handed you.....
  5. After you open the present you smile at your sister and give her a hug. Then the guys just hand you one box full of different things like cds, movies and one of them bought you a "Keep your paws off." Cathy walks over and hands you a black scraf and Garret gives you a bear hug and a kiss on the forehead again and gives you a birthday card. saying " OMG OMG your another year old you oldie soon you be so old you wont even remember this so we came prepare heres a im with ugly button." You laugh at the card and hug everyone. The first period bell started ringing you turn to everyone and say see you later. You walk into your first period class, but as soon as you do your head starts to spin and as you begin to fall you see a strangers face.
  6. You wake up a few hours later in the nurses office with you sister looking at you. "Hey Kami, what happend?" Kami looked at you, and said "There is something you need to know, my name isnt Kami it Tryinan. Im not your sister and tecnicaly im not alive, im a gaurdian of death." You look at her and busted out laughing "Good one Kami your so funny but seriously what happend?" She looks at you " Listen my name is Tryinan and everything i had said is true. i will prove it to you later if youd like but right now you need to come with me before he finds you again." you stare at her "Until who finds me again?" You started get scared as Tryinan looks at you and says "Your father."
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