18th century romance part 8

PART 8 OF MY QUIZ. Alexander is medium height, has blonde hair and hazel eyes.Eugene is tall, has black hair and ocean blue eyes. William is average height, has brown hair and crisp green eyes.

sorry for taking so long on this one. i have made it less crazy this time. i will work on making them longer and more detailed. thank you so much to everyone who takes my quizzes.

Created by: elisabeth

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  1. you open your eyes and realize that you are in your room. you look around and the first thing you see is
  2. everything that happened in the last day is all in a blur...literally.. you decide to eat your dinner. your read the note as you eat. "Dear _____, i'm sorry i didn't tell you all this earlier. i'll explain all of this soon.-William" you drop the note and go to your bed. questions start racing through your mind again. before any more questions can come to your mind you hear a knock on your door. you open it and see
  3. it is Elisabeth. "oh good, you're up!" she says with a smile. "i was worried about you" "what is going on? why didn't you tell me that William is from a noble family?" you ask. "i'm sorry, i promised him i wouldn't" she said sadly."
  4. "i'm really sorry _____. i can't tell you the details. William will tell you everything himself when he gets back" she tells you with a smile. you feel your eyes fill with tears. "i don't know how much more i can take" you say with a sob, "this is too confusing" "i understand" she says giving you a hug. "you know what? lets go for a ride in the gardens. they are so diverse here" she suggests. you agree and go to the stables.
  5. you ride a beautiful bay thoroughbred mare named fancy. Elisabeth was right, the gardens are enormous and they even have a set of jumps in a field. you look around and can't help but feel puzzled. why did William pretend to be a servant at Elizabeth's manor? why doesn't he like it here? are they related? Elisabeth noticed you looking thoughtful. "is everything alright?" she asked. "yea " you reply with a smile.
  6. things are going fine until....it starts raining...hehe
  7. you gallop back to the stables as fast as you can. " ___ you could have fallen off galloping like that" says a familiar voice. you look around and see Eugene
  8. "how was the ride?" he asks in a silky voice. "it was ok, i guess.. it was fun until it started raining" you say in a confused voice. "is everything alright? you seem a bit pale" Eugene asks in a concerned voice. you get of your horse and can barely stand on your feet.
  9. you slowly walk back to the house thinking about the events happening in the past few days. your aunt must be worried sick. you decide to dress into something more suitable for traveling and go visit her.
  10. "_____,where are you going?" you hear someone ask. you turn around and see

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