zombies what do i do

this is the story of an zombie attck.in this story you fight zombies,hide in the shadows rescue surviers,and become the zombie slayer.can you do it . it takes skill because not many can do it.

Can you survie this Attck . idont think so. put your survivil skills to the test and see your out come. there is many diffrent outcomes and things you can do in the zombie attack. lets see what you do.

Created by: tom

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  1. you are at your house and you see zombies comeing at your house you..
  2. when it you dont see anymore of them you run for the mall on the way you...
  3. at the mall do you
  4. once you notice zobies are comeing in in 1000S even the zombie slayer would no to go to the top.your traped up there do you
  5. you get to the ground its an open street the sewer cap is open and zombies come in all directions.
  6. after what you did you are runing in the sewer and zombies pop out in all directions
  7. you run ,run,run,run,run,or chouse to run and now you are in the woods.theres a tree house you.
  8. you find your friend dead you see the zombie leader with bout 100 zobies behind him.
  9. he hits you in the back you turn around on the ground and stab him.all of the spots the zombies were start to makecracks in the Earth
  10. you notice that a friend is standed and is gooing to die you go get im and
  11. the zobie attack is over what do you do next

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