Zombie Survival Quiz :D

This is my first of many quizes so i hope you enjoy.( if you play roblox my account name is tenderous) please send me a message if you play roblox abouthow you liked my quiz.

the quiz is is verfy short right now but its 99% accurate. I will update on weekends. DO you have waht it takes to be a surviver or even a hero? Youve heard all the otehr quizes but his one gives you the real results! WAtcha waiting for? scroll down and take the quiz!

Created by: tenderous

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Those gender and male or female questions above actually counted.
  2. Ok hers the first real question.( Pretend ytou live in USA) You wake up in the morning. You turn on teh news and it says people are eating other people in mexico.
  3. Lets say for soem reason you join a team.What role would you play?
  4. Youre running low on food and come upond another group. What do you do?
  5. Somehow you got food. But you run low on water. What do you do.
  6. TIme to teset your zombie knoledge.Say idk is gives you a very slight effect.
  7. Zombies are
  8. True or false. Zombies are only green.
  9. About how long does it take from one zombie bite to make you a zombie?
  10. What can you make withen an hour, out of a branch?
  11. You loto a gunshop but you see some zombies coming, what gun pack do you take?
  12. About 2 in 5 willd ie in a zombie qquiz.It kinda determines luck.For teh next 2 questions,pick a number.
  13. IF you dont know what to do, read teh previous question.
  14. About how strong are you physiclly. ( pleae answer truthfully.)

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