Another zombie quiz

We all know stories about zomibes, there big, there bad, they smell bad, and they eat you. But what are they really? No ones knows, and no one really cares. They just care about survival.

Would you survive a zombie outbreak? Sure, you can play a horror video game, but what would you do in real life? Instead of waiting for a real zomibe to show up at your door, why not take this quiz?

Created by: Exclane

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  1. The minute you wake up you check the T.V. but the news is the only channel working...
  2. Later, you look outside and theres...zombies!?! What will you do?
  3. What shape are you in?
  4. What's your "zombie-killing" tool of choice?
  5. What sidearm would you use?
  6. What primary weapon would you use?
  7. How many people would you have with you?
  8. Ever use a gun? Resident Evil doesn't count...
  9. What would you do to survive?
  10. What would be your "safe house"?
  11. How do you kill a zombie?
  12. Last one, if you found out what it was, would you try to stop what's making the zombies? No turning back...

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