Zombie Outbreak Survival Part 2

We've all either seen or heard about zombie attacks in movies, games, and books. In these types of media, they have covered a vastness of zombie attacks. How people survive, die, and over-come. But have you ever placed yourself in a outbreak situation? Be a hero yourself and put yourself there.

Are you a survivor or are just another victim of the living dead. The only trick is, you have to be brutally honest, no 'I think so' or 'maybe', because when zombies are attacking there are no "maybe"s or "I think so"s. So take this quiz and you will see in just minutes what your fate is, if a Zombie Outbreak ever did occur.

Created by: The_Showcase

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  1. You awake to see on the news that a disease has spread throughout the world. What do you do?
  2. A few hours later, you now hear that disease infected people are attacking other people. What would you do now?
  3. Referring to a answer in Question number 4, where would you meet?
  4. Referring to an answer in Question number 4, what type of weapon(s) would you stock up on? (Ammo Included in All Choices)
  5. Do you have easy access to weaponry?
  6. What is your physique like?
  7. Are you combat experienced?
  8. In this list, what is your favorite choice of close combat weapon?
  9. How close are you to weapons?
  10. How far away are your from close friends or relatives?
  11. With these choices, what type of person are you?
  12. In this list of vehicles, what would you chose?
  13. There is one exit available, two people are trapped by about 10 to 15 zombies. What would you do?
  14. You get bit by a zombie, what should you do?
  15. How do you kill a zombie?
  16. What kind of place do you live in?
  17. What type of group would be with you?
  18. What is the best rations to have with yourself?

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