Zombie Outbreak Quiz

There are many different outbreaks in the world that could happen, like a zombie outbreak, what is a zombie outbreak? A phase when a bunch of humans get infected by a virus that causes them to die and come back to life. Then they infect other humans and the zombies grow in numbers.

Can you survive a zombie outbreak? Do you think you have the brains and leadership to make it out of one and live to tell the tale? Find out now!

Created by: Genocider590

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  1. You are watching TV and you discover on the news that people have been getting sick to an unknown virus, what do you do?
  2. It soon says on the news, A zombie outbreak has occured! you need weapons, and fast! what hand-to-hand combat weapon would you choose?
  3. What firearm would you choose?
  4. Would you pack grenades or Moltov Cocktails?
  5. You are walking to your friend's house but then you see a man who moans to you and starts limping toward you. You should.......
  6. You arrive at your friend's house to find it being overrun by 10 zombies! Your friend is in the house with just a knife, you.....
  7. You wipe out the zombies, and save your friend, what do you do to the bodies?
  8. You take care of the bodies, now what do you do with your friend?
  9. You walk with your friend around the city and find a couple of your other friends vommiting and other zombies seem to ignore them, what do you do?
  10. You find a group of people in a supermarket, you walk up to them, they point their guns at you, what do you do?
  11. The group of people see you are not infected, and join you. Then you see one member of the group of people start vommiting, and they get a fever. You should...
  12. It's getting late, you need to find a place to set camp, what place would that be?
  13. You arrive at your place, whats the first thing you do?
  14. In the middle of the night, you get a call from your girlfriend, her house is breached, her family, all eaten, she's in the attic, what now?
  15. You arrive at your girlfriend's house, it's swarming with zombies, what do you do?
  16. You rescue your girlfriend and make it back safely. It's morning now and its time to move, you hear on the radio on this day that there are helicopters on the roof of the hospital, do you go?
  17. You make it to the hospital and find over 50 zombies in there, what do you do?
  18. You found a helicopter! but it was out of fuel! you then hear an army man through your walkie-talkie saying he is going to pick up survivors at the roof of the mall, do you go?
  19. You make it to the mall, and find enough supplies to hold out, but then you learn they are going to bomb the city! What do you do?
  20. You contacted him and he said he will be their in 10 minutes, but then you see at least 1000 zombies coming your way. You now.......
  21. You did it......you made it with just you, your friend and your girlfriend, and have escaped. You then watch as the city gets bombed. What next?

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