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  • I think this is a stupid quiz. you are all going to die if you have to think if you may die. why are you on the computer anyway? I have made a full plan to follow during the apocalypce. I am not talking about rising from their graves s---,but something that could happen. this is fictional, but it could happen: check out the division trailer on youtube. dudes i'm just a kid and am smarter than you guys! ;)ooooowwwwnnnn!

  • Crowbars are best. They have many oth uses like lifting things and breaking into stuff. Plus they do major damage. It's heavy but it's the better choice.

    You can't do much with a baseball bat.

  • I agree with Juke If i needed a weapon, out of crowbar and baseball bat i would choose a bseball ba crow bars would tire you easily

  • Dude, I don't know if you have ever lifted a crowbar, but they are heavy as hell. A baseball bat is much lighter in comparison.

  • Awesome quiz


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