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Greetings English IV students. Please answer each question thoughtfully and honestly. If you read a question, and none of the possible answers fits you exactly, please pick the response that most closely corresponds with yours.

Please remember to print the final sheet, and write down your percentages. You may, after all, fall neatly between two different groups, and I need to know which best suits you.

Created by: Zargar

  1. What is your current grade in English IV?
  2. Of what we have read this year (The Stranger, Bastard out of Carolina, and The Things They Carried), which did you enjoy most?
  3. How often do you consult Cliff Notes, or Spark Notes?
  4. How many books are you currently reading?
  5. Which kind of text appeals most to you?
  6. If you walk into a bookstore, how do you decide what to read?
  7. How many pages do you feel comfortable reading in one sitting?
  8. In a group, are you usually a ...
  9. How do you categorize yourself as a reader?
  10. What is the maximum number of pages you are willing to read as part of a literature circle?

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