Your Wolf Life Part 1

You are ________. Shadowstar is your best friend. Icefang is the leader of the evil snow pack. You are from the mountain pack. Icefang was greedy and took over the snow pack. The wolves who he threw out are the mountain pack. The moutain pack are good people. You can also look like whatever you want to look like, though I would suggest grey, silver or white because of where it's set. hope you enjoy it!

Created by: HugsAndKisses
  1. Please read the paragraphs if you haven't already. It important information in it.
  2. *Dream* Your back in the snow pack, Icefang is just choosing who he wants to stay in the pack. Your name is called to not be in the snow pack. You remember this day clearly, it was the day Icefang threw half of the snow pack out. He, along with the remaining snow pack wolves, were evil. Two wolves dragged you away to a place you didn't remember. The guards both nodded at eachother. You could tell what they were thinking. Instead of banishing you from the pack like they did on real life, they threw you into the ice cold river where nobody could survive...
  3. You woke up just as you felt the water touch your body. You let out a sigh of relief when you saw you were still in the mountain packs territory. You didn't sleep anymore that night. In fact, you could barley close your eyes you were so scared. All night you were scared that that there was a snow pack spy somewhere hidden in the shadows.
  4. Morning came and your pack was just getting ready to catch there breakfast. As usual, you stayed behind to look after the pups. After a little while, the hunters came back with lots of fish! Life just went on as normal. It was just sleep, hunt, eat, play and repeat. Something felt different though. Your alpha was way more reserved and seemed a bit like he was watching your every move...
  5. "________? Come over here a second will you!" It was the alpha. You thought this was vert strange since he never calls wolves over of your rank unkess it was very important. Still, you walked over to him. "Yes?" You replied trying to look as strong and fearless as possible. "I have been watching everyone very closely these past few days and...
  6. Fine! I'll tell you!
  7. "I was wondering if you would join our packs spy team." You were absolutely amazed by this. You, a spy! No way you thought! "You see, there is an extremely precious gem called 'The Frost Diamond' We need that diamond. Unfortunately, the snow pack are also looking for it." You asked why you need it so much. "Well" Started the alpha. "If the snow pack get it first, they will use its power to kill us all. However if we get it first, we can be saved."
  8. Before you could even ask why he had picked you, he started talking again. "The mission starts tomorrow and it's top secret so tell nobody." You just stood there, trying to take in all what your alpha had just told you. "This must be another stupid dream!" You said to yourself, blinking to try and wake up. But it wasn't a dream. It was all absolutely true and real. It was getting late so you walked back to your favourite sleeping spot. "Hey ________!" It was Shadowstar "I haven't seen you all day! Where have you been?" You tried to speak but words wouldn't come out. He gave you a strange look and went to his cave. You got to your sleeping spot, layed your head down and fell asleep, waiting anxiously for what tomorrow will be like.
  9. And that's the end of part 1! I really hoped you enjoyed! It's my first quiz series!
  10. I would also like to ask if you could take 'Your life as a wolf' by EclipseShadow! It's an amazing quiz series which I absolutely love! That was the quiz that inspired me to make this.

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