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  • Your warrior cat name? (has the best names!)
    Your Result: Goldenmist 77%

    You have a very nice, clean pelt. It is sandy golden colored. Your eyes are either green or dark chocolate; you choose one. You are a brilliant hunter in your clan.

    Mmm... Dark chocolate lol

  • Your Result: Skydream

    You are skydream, a cat with a beautiful marble pelt and bright blue eyes. People admire your mentoring ability and super fast speed and agility. That is your warrior name!

    I agree with Icepaw, but Skydream is a good one. I could think of a lot more names that could be better, but oh well.

  • I'm taking quizzes from the perspective of one of my main OCs, Bluefeather. for example, when it said' which of these names applies to you' she chose dark, because her sister and best friends name is Darksong.

  • Cool names! Check out my quiz, Warrior Cat Names! (As written.) I love your names and I hope you'll like my names just as much!

    Glamour Puss
  • I like my name better.

  • If starspeckle became leader, she would be starstar...


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