Your warrior cat name? (has the best names!)

What would your warrior cat name be if you were a warrior cat? Take this quiz to find out! LA LA LA oh I was talking about something. Right. This quiz has the best names of any other warrior quiz!

It has amazing, fierce, and beautiful names that match any cat. Whether you're a she-cat or a Tom, the names on this quiz are all just right for you!!

Created by: Emrald Ye
  1. Choose your eye color.
  2. What color pelt do you like most on cats?
  3. Your favorite warrior cat from the books, out of these?
  4. What first name appeals most to you?
  5. Choose your favorite of these.
  6. What clan would you want?
  7. I ran out of questions.
  8. Wiat! Here's one.
  9. What would you do at night time?
  10. You are good at...

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Quiz topic: My warrior cat name? (has the best names!)