Your warrior name

This quiz it for warrior lovers! Warriors are there books in which have cats who are the WARRIORS. The series if by Erin HUnter. Some names used in the book may pop up in this.

Are you a warrior lover? DO you have what it takes to become one? WHat will you name and personality be? Take this QUIZ and find out.... MAny who have what it takes will love what i did. other might too! ENJOY!

Created by: miranda
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  1. You have the chance to rule the forest, or be the mate you've alwayes dreamed of being. What is it?
  2. If you could mentor someone who would it be?
  3. your loyalt belongs to who?
  4. RP if you were left in the nursry anloe with your littermates what would you do?
  5. what do you want your name to be?
  6. RP you on the Shadowclan border and those crowfood eaters attack your paotrol. your told to run to camp for help. you?
  7. Your fav. cat out of these?
  8. RP Your clan is running low on food and med. cat herbs! WHAT DO U DO?
  9. Whats you fav. warrior book? SRRY just LOVE to ask
  10. RP your a med. cat( srry if you dont want to be but...)and you need some wet moss who do u sent?

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