Warrior Cat Trivia

There are many people who think they know Warrior Cats. But do they (You) really know as much as they (You) say? A ture true warrio lover knows all the answers to these questions

Do YOU know Warriors? A ture warrior lovers knows all of Ferncloud's kits, how Honeyfern died, who killed Darkstripe, how Bone died, who Boudler really was and what happened to Barley's sister

Created by: silvermist
  1. Who are Firestar's half brothers?
  2. Who wants to be Bluestar's mate
  3. What clan is Cloversplash in?
  4. Who is related to Bluestar?
  5. Who is the new kittypet at Firestar's old den?
  6. How many lives is Sunstar given
  7. How did Lionheart die?
  8. Who is Rosetail's mother?
  9. Who accuses Ivypaw of stealing fish in The Fourth Apprentice?
  10. How does Sweetpaw die?
  11. What is Bumblepaw's warrior name?
  12. Who is Bluestar's father?
  13. Who is Pinestar's mother?
  14. Who does Lionblaze love?
  15. What was blocking the stream/river?
  16. Who are Loinblaze's, Jayfeather's and Hollyleaf's parents?
  17. How did Hollyleaf get her name?
  18. Who is Brokenstar's father?
  19. Who are Brindlface's kits?
  20. Who killed Ashfur?

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