find out if you know the warrior code

are you as mouse branined as a kit in the nursry? or as smart as a warrior? take this quiz to find out if you know the warrior code! fail, and you have the brains of a new born kit with the warrior code!

Do you know the code like a warrior? or stuck in the eleders den foregetting the warriror code?.... take this quiz and you well soon find your answer!

Created by: spottedleaf

  1. Can a med cat mate?
  2. Can kits go outside the camp?
  3. can you catch prey on another clans territory?
  4. Are kittypets allowed on your clans territory?
  5. can you be with twolegs? (twolegs are humans)
  6. can you invade another clans camp without permishion from you leader?
  7. can warriors or appertices go to the moonpool or moonstone? ( i mean warrior appertices not med appertices!)
  8. are you a shecat or girl? ( if your a boy just pretend your female for this question!)
  9. do you like the quiz so far?
  10. who is you favrite cat?

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