Which Warrior Cat Are You??!

There Are Many Warrior Cats. I Have Selected A Few Of My Favorites, Some Of My Non-Favorites Too, But Some People Like Those Too..So I'll Be Quiet. :)

Which Warrior Cat Are YOU? Do You Have Enough Passion To Be FireStar? Or Enough Sensibility To Be MistyStar? Find out by taking this wonderful quiz made by Me, PhoenixWings.

Created by: PhoenixWings of Horseland.com
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  1. Pick One Word That Describes You Best:
  2. Which Clan Would You Rather Be In?
  3. What Would You Rather Do On A Sunny, Summer Day?
  4. What Do You Love Doing Most?
  5. Who Is Your Favorite Clan Cat?
  6. Which Is Awesomest?? (No Effect)
  7. Do You Like Piee, Rainbowzzzz, or Leprechauns???
  8. Ish PhoenixWings (I) Your Best Budd For Making This Quizz??
  9. Do You Like This Quiz? ( No Effect )
  10. Will You Rate This Quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior Cat am I??!