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  • My Result: Niall Horan by 78%

    You woke up it was 10am and you were late for your guitar lessons. You hopped out of bed and didn't even shower. You got dressed and got in your car. You were in such a rush that you sped past a red light, and knocked a cute blond boy,there were no cars and people around. You hopped out and saw it was Niall Horan from OneDirection! "Oh my gosh!" You shouted as you ran to him. "Niall, are you ok?" You said bending over him. "Ill be ok" He said sweetly. "I'm-I'm so sorry that I hit you with my car" You say looking to see of there was any blood. There was none, but you had hit him so hard and there was not even a scratch on him. The first thing you thought was he was a vampire. You had been reading lots of "Vampire Teen Romance" books lately. "Niall?" "Yes princess" He says "Um.. Are you um.." "A vampire?" He says "Yeah, are you?..." "Yes, but please don't scream. I won't hurt you" He says holding your hand. "I won't" "Would you like to go out sometime, you know, on a date?" "I would be crazy if I said no!" You say.

    Zayn Malik by 57%
    Louis Tomlinson by 53%
    Liam James Payne by 47%
    Harry Edward Styles by 47%

    I screamed when I read all of that!! That would be so sweet!!!! Niall's my favorite guy out of all of them!! :) :D

    Elaine Evans
  • This is honestly the best supernatural quiz I've taken!!

  • Louis is meh wizard!

    Hell yeah.


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