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  • Sooo good. I think your pace is good now. The story was perfect, and every Gryffindor hates me. Cool. And Slytherins envy me. Cooler.

    Now I think, I will receive some locket by someone anonymous, that will gaurd against these dreams. Death eaters would take help from Draco then. And Ron would continue being a git.

    I wish to help in that contest. So, maybe, I'll run my brain on Sunday.

  • Ooo i rely want to help in the contest, but i'm way late. I had an entry in the last call for contest. So maybe you could keep writing. Please take my quiz. It's called Ultimate Percy Jackson quiz. Oh yeah, I don't think you know percy jackson.

  • Awesome! I'll use that, maybe not the Draco part though because I doubt that death eaters would use a first year to get to you. Can't wait for your entry!

  • Also, please look at the coments on your other quizzes. I'll be in a few of them.


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