Your Strange Life at Hogwarts (Part 11)

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Hey guys! I think this will be my last edition for first year! Yay! I've decided that this year has gone on for a long time, and I need to speed this up! (Most questions will be short and have fate answers)

Recap: you got your dark mark off! You kissed Cedric as a dare and ticked Parkinson off! You got to play Quidditch and sort of had a mental breakdown along with your detentions! Go you!

Created by: Pyra Potter

  1. 3. It was nearly after hours when Harry brought up going through the trap door. "How are we getting past the dog?" You hissed. "We'll have to make Hagrid tell us," Ron said with apparent doubt in his 11 year old voice. "How hard can it be? He's already let slip a few things that he wishes he hadn't," Hermione concluded. "I hate taking advantage of Hagrid, but I agree, it'll be easy," you said. The Golden Trio nodded and stood. "Now or never?" You asked. "Now or never," Harry said. You nodded and followed them from the common room. The walk to Hagrid's was quick and easy. Hagrid sat on his porch playing a flute and Harry had an idea. "Hagrid, who gave you the dragon egg?" He asked urgently. "I don' know. Nev'r saw 'hi face: he kep' his hood up," Hagrid answered. "This stranger, you must have talked?" You caught on. "He wanted to know what sor' a creatures I look'd af'er. I told him, I says after Fluffy a dragon's gonna be no problem!" Hagrid answered proudly. "Was he interested in Fluffy?" Harry asked. "'Course! How often do ya come 'cross a three 'eaded dog? Even if you're in the trade?" Hagrid said impatiently. "I says, the trick with any beast is to know how to sooth him! Take Fluffy, play a bit o' music, falls right to sleep!" Hagrid said. He began to mutter about his big mouth as the four of you dashed off to the castle and into McGonnagle's office.
  2. 4. "We need to see Professor Dumbledore! Now!" Harry slammed his hands on her desk. "I'm afraid the headmaster isn't here," Professor McGonnagle answered rather calmly. "Now? This is important! We know about the Sorcerer's Stone! We think someone's going to steal it!" You said authoritatively. "I don't know how the four of you came to know about it, but it is well protected! Now head back to your dorms, quietly," McGonnagle dismissed you. The four of you sulked out of her office and came face-to-face with Snape. "What are you four doing inside on a day like this?" Snape asked. Hermione was at a loss for words so you stepped in, "Late homework, Professor." "Get it done quickly! People might think you're.......up to something," Snape said in his monotone and walked away after glaring at Harry. "Thanks, _{first name}_!" Ron praised and followed Harry to dinner. You nodded and followed as well with Hermione shortly behind. You didn't eat much, only four pieces of chicken (or a salad if you're vegetarian) and a swig of pumpkin juice. Ron looked at you like you were crazy! Although, you gave him the same look for his plate was piled high. After dinner you and the Golden Trio went back to the Gryffindor common room rather quickly. There was only one setback: you got caught in a trick step halfway up. "Ow," you whispered and attempted to pull your foot out. Your fiends, not hearing your footsteps, turned around. "I swear, why do they even have these things?" You asked as Harry and Ron helped you up. Hermione answered immediately"”as always, "I read in Hogwarts: A History that the trick steps are there to keep first years in their dorms after hours." "So, basically, it's a howler for people like us?" You concluded. Hermione nodded and you continued to climb the stairs two at a time. You pulled your ______ hair out of your face as you reached the top of the stairs. "Alright, so Hermione and I will try our hardest to get people to go to bed early while you two come up with a way to get us in and out of there without getting us killed?" You asked for their approval. They nodded and Harry said the password, "Caput Draconis!" The four of you entered the scarlet and golden clad common room. "Alright! Alright!" Hermione attempted for their attention. "HEY!" You shouted to the room as loud as you could. They all stopped and stared. "Thank you. Anyhow, you all left supper early so you did not hear Dumbledore's final announcement! Professor Dumbledore has ordered that students remaining in the common room, just for tonight as an experiment, after hours are to study for the upcoming exams! If you do not wish to study until your brain explodes, I suggest you go to bed!" You lied on the spot. The lie couldn't be traced as a lie for it was believable and short term. Every Gryffindor, other than Hermione who popped open the nearest book, moaned and went to their dorms.
  3. "Now THAT was a good lie!" Hermione praised a bit disgustedly. You nodded and suggested the return to your own dorms. They nodded and agreed to meet in an hour. The four of you separated and walked to the dorms. "Why aren't you studying, Hermione?" A Gryffindor asked. "_______ forced me to head to bed," Hermione sighed and sat on her bed. The girl nodded and pulled her black hair from her face. "Why did Dumbledore even make that rule?" A usually quiet blond asked. "It's just to try to make more people study," you answered simply. "G'night!" The girl with black hair chorused as she put the light out. "Night!" The entirety of the the first year girls' dorm replied at once. Hermione, her bed being directly next to yours, kept her eyes open as did you. After an hour of silence and occasional snoring, you and Hermione silently climbed out of bed. The two of you dressed in a regular, easy to move in, outfit and slipped your shoes on. The two of you crept out of the dorm and creeped into the common room. You met up with Ron and Harry at the foot of the stairs and began to walk toward the portrait hole when you heard a croak! "Trevor!" Ron exclaimed surprised. "Get out of here! You shouldn't be here!" You attempted to shoo the toad from the arm of a chair. The chair squeaked and Neville revealed himself. "Neither should you! You're going to get us in trouble again!" He said. "Now, Neville"”" he cut you off. "I won't let you! I-I-I'll fight you!" Neville said and put his chubby fists up. You and Hermione whipped your wands out at the same time! "You got this?" Hermione asked you. You nodded. "Neville, I hope you forgive me! Patrificus Totalus," you petrified the first year. The plump figure fell over and seemed to be carved from ice! You stepped around the fallen Gryffindor and apologized once more. Harry and Hermione did the same. Ron, however, told Neville that it was best. "You're scary. Brilliant! But scary," Ron told you as you slowly opened the portrait hole. You nodded, it was a bit of a compliment to you, and slipped out of the portrait hole after Harry tried to fit the cloak over the four of you. "It isn't big enough!" He hissed. "You three take the cloak," you instructed as you muttered spell. You turned yourself invisible from a spell you'd learned from Sonya's Christmas present: the book of advanced spells. You saw the three gape and become a bit fainter. You, being invisible as well, could still see them! You followed the Golden Trio to the third floor corridor.
  4. After dodging Filch's cat"”more than once"”a few prefects, some professors, and Filch you arrived at forbidden corridor. You undid the disillusionment charm you'd cast upon yourself as the three Gryffindors shed the cloak. Hermione gave you a glance of admiration as Harry opened the door with 'Alohamora'. The four of you walked through the door to a soothing sound. There was a harp playing in the corner! It was beautiful! It was as tall as you were and was solid gold with ivory strings. 'I bet Draco's dad bought it!' You thought with an eye roll. The four of you slid Fluffy's paw from the trap door as subtly as possible. "He needs a mint!" Ron said disgustedly as Fluffy snored. You nodded and helped Harry open the trap door. "Alright, let me go first. If anything happens get yourselves out!" Harry ordered. "Does it seem a bit quiet to you?" You asked the three. "The harp stopped playing!" Hermione panicked. Fluffy gave a snort and jerked awake. "Go!" You told them as you walked over to the harp. "You know how to play?" Hermione asked as she hopped into the hole. "Nope," you said as you grabbed your wand. As Ron jumped down you tried to enchant the harp again. Fluffy snarled and bit the harp in half. "Time to go!" You said and jumped in the hole. Harry followed shortly after. You saw Hermione and Ron wrapped in green vines. Harry landed and began to struggle as was Ron. You and Hermione started to but soon realized you were sitting in devil's snare. "Do you two WANT to die!?" You asked the still-struggling boys. "What are you, crazy? Of course not!" Ron said. "Then calm down! It's devil's snare! If you don't it'll only kill you faster!" Hermione gave a pathetic attempt. "Faster?! That's just cruel!" Ron said as he yanked the snare from his throat. You laid down calmly and was engulfed in the green vines. "Aresto momento," you said before you hit the ground. You stopped and fell again. Hermione joined shortly after. "Hermione! _______!" Harry shouted. "He's not relaxing is he?" Hermione asked. "No dip!" You said. You"”being her best friend"”were obligated to poke fun every now and then. "Harry! Ron! We're okay! Relax!" You shouted loudly to get through the thick vines. There was a squelching noise and Harry dropped in front of you a second later. "Are you okay?" Hermione asked the two of you helped him stand. He nodded and rubbed his left arm. "H-H-Harry!" Ron shouted in a panicked tone. "Listen to us, you thick head! Relax and you'll be fine!!" You shouted rudely. "______! That was rude," Hermione scolded. "That was the point!" You told her through clenched teeth. Hermione was hitting herself in the head with her wand as she tried to remember something. "Lumos honem!" She remembered and shot sunlight at the vines. Ron fell through the vines and you helped him up. "Sorry!" You told him. "It was worth a try," Hermione whispered. "Glad we didn't panic!" Ron said and straightened his jumper. "Luckily Hermione and _______ pay attention," Harry smarted off. You smiled and followed Harry down the next hallway.
  5. There was a room full of casually floating keys and a lone broomstick. Harry brushed against you and you both felt a huge shock! "Not again!" You whispered and rubbed your collar bone. Harry apologized and walked to the broom. It was an old Cleansweep 5 with, what seemed to be, a century's worth of wear and tear. "There's got to be more to it," Harry whispered as he walked to the broom. "Maybe they didn't expect anyone to get this far?" You suggested. Hermione shook her head. "Harry, your the youngest seeker in a century! If anyone can catch an old key on that thing it's you!" Ron consoled. "Could we try a few spells first? I'd hate to be killed by flying keys when we could just unlock the door," Harry walked to the wooden, steel enforced door. You nodded as Hermione explained the unlikeliness of it. "Alohamora!" Ron tried. He pulled the knocker and said it was worth a try. You nodded and remembered a spell from your advanced spell book. "Bombarda!" You tried to blow up the door. It singed a mark into the wood and nothing more. "Harry, if you want, I could do it," you offered. "No, I'll get it," Harry said and grasped the broom's worn handle. As soon as his hand touched the wood the keys charged him! Harry swung his leg over and flew from the ground immediately. Harry followed a rusted key with a broken wing for a few seconds. He caught it and tossed it to you. Hermione caught it and Ron shoved it in the key hole. You went through the door and Harry flew through it. With the help of Hermione and Ron you shut the door before the keys could pass.
  6. The next room was dark and had a black and white tiled floor. The four of you, stupid as it sounds, tried to walk to the other door. A row of tiny people drew swords and slogged your path. Ron explained that you were standing on a chess board. "Harry, you take the empty bishop square. Hermione, you'll be the queen's side castle. ______, take the king side castle. I'll be a knight," Ron explained as the desired pieces left the board. You walked to your obligated square, as did the others. Ron, however, jumped onto a knight for it hadn't been bothered to move. "Ron? Is this gonna be like"”" you started with a shudder. Hermione finished, "Real Wizard's chess?" "You there, E5!" Ron ordered after white had moved. The pawn moved. The white pawn drew its swords and destroyed the piece. You gulped, terrified of what would happen if you made a wrong move. Ron ordered pieces around for about ten minutes until the queen was the only thing in out way. "Harry, after this move you can check the king," Ron said and moved his knight to G7"”where the queen had a direct line to him. The queen turned slowly with an eerie sound and scooted to him. "Ron!" You cried out as the queen lifted her sword. Ron said "Check," and the queen shoved its sword through the horse's torso. Ron flew into the pile of rubbed and you couldn't help but think why he didn't just jump off. Hermione went to move but you stopped her by reminding her of the game. She stopped and Harry checked the king. The king dropped its sword and everyone ran to Ron. He was out cold. "Hermione and ______, take Ron to the hospital wing and send a message to Dumbledore. I've got to go on," Harry ordered. "Harry, I'm coming with you," you told him. "______, you can't!" Harry protested. "I'm going. With or without your permission. For all we know Voldemort is only two rooms away! I'm coming," you told him sternly. He relented and you hugged Hermione telling her you'd be fine. You squeezed Ron's hand and ran off into the next room.
  7. The room had a table full of seven bottles of liquid. On the table sat a piece of parchment that read, "Danger lies before you while safety lies behind. Two of us will help you, whichever you would find. One among us seven will let you move ahead. Another will transport the drinker back instead. Two among our number hood only nettle wine. Three of us are killers waiting hidden in line. Choose unless you wish to stay here forevermore. To help you in your choice, we give you these clues four. First however slyly the poison tries to hide you will always find some nettle wine on its left side. Second, different are those who stand at either end, but if you would move onwards neither is your friend. Third, as you see clearly, all are different size, neither dwarf or giant holds death in their insides. Fourth, the second left and the second on the right are twins once you taste them, but different first sight." "What does that mean?" Harry asked once you finished reading. You shook your head and looked at the seven bottles. You looked at the door in front of you to find it blocked by fire, as was the door behind. "I have no clue what that meant but I do know the answer," you said as your mind jumped to the first potions class. "Which?" Harry asked. You picked the potion bottle that you had seen Snape with on that day. To be sure that you didn't end up poisoning yourself you read over the rhyme again. Using process of elimination you confirmed that you had picked the correct potion. "Give it here," Harry ordered and took the swirling blue potion bottle from you. "Go back," Harry ordered. "Harry, what don't you understand? I'm going with you! With or without your consent," you told him as he took a swig of the potion. "Fine, but if Voldemort is in that other room go back, promise?" Harry said. "Promise," you answered with massive doubt that Voldemort was on the other side of the fire. You took the bottle and drank.
  8. You felt a freezing cold wash over your body as you put the potion on the table. You and Harry exchanged a look and nodded as you walked toward the fire. You both walked through the barrier and saw a room with only Professor Quirrel and the mirror of Erised (desire). "I don't understand! It-It was Snape!" Harry sighed. Quirrel turned around slowly and responded, "Yes he is the type. Which is why you should have known it wasn't him. You see, Mr. Potter, I have acted as a pathetic loser. Which is why no one would suspect me." "Yeah yeah, whatever. Expect the unexpected. We've all heard it before! Now, why the heck are you even here?" You retorted. "Oh yes! Miss ______, the outspoken Gryffindor," Quirrel praised. 'Quit avoiding the question!' You thought as you clenched your fists and nodded. "Enough with the small talk! Give me the girl!" Said a strained voice. "Come here, _______!" Quirell ordered. You gripped your wand and cautiously walked forwards. "Arm," Quirell barked. You felt you scar whirl as you shoved your left arm forward, intent on having your right for your wand. Quirell rolled your sleeve up and whispered to himself, "It's gone." "Course it's gone! Did you think I was gonna be Voldemort's henchman longer that I had to?" You yanked your arm back. "Let me speak to her," the cold voice said. "Are you sure, Master?"Quirell asked no one. "Yes, I have enough strength for this," the cold voice answered. Quirell turned his back to you and unraveled his purple turban. There was a face! "Miss ______, do we need to go over this again? Join me or suffer," Voldemort told you. "Voldemort, do we need to go over THIS again? My answer is no," you mocked him. "You don't seem to care about yourself so I'll need to do something worse. Sonya!" Voldemort was talking to himself. "What about Sonya?" You asked with a scoff. "Join me or watch Jonathan and Sonya die painfully," he threatened. "What can you do? You're an ugly head!" You told it. "Kill her!" Voldemort ordered. Quirell whipped around, hand outstretched and walked toward you. "Time to keep my promise," you said and took off to Harry. "See you in a minute," you told him and dashed through the flames.
  9. You ran directly to Professor McGonnagle. "Professor!" You shouted to the lady. "Miss _______! Have you finished your homework?" She greeted as you ran toward her. "Voldemort. Harry. Stone," you gasped for breath. "What?" McGonnagle was extremely confused. "Harry is in the dungeon where the stone's hidden. Voldemort's there on the back of Quirrel's head!" You explained quickly and pulled the woman by her arm. "Why did you leave him?" McGonnagle asked as she ran to where you led her. "He made me! He wouldn't even let me go in with him without promising to leave if Voldemort was there," you explained as McGonnagle fixed and re-enchanted the harp. She nodded and followed you into the hole. You dropped right through the devil' snare and went directly to the room in which Harry was in. You now realized how long it actually took for Harry had he stone and was unconscious on the stairs, Quirell was crumbling, and Voldemort was no where to be seen. McGonnagle helped you pick up Harry and led him out of the dungeons with a human levitation spell. You were burned in several places, had quite a few cut and soon-to-be scars, and your left cheek was gushing blood. This didn't matter much to you because two of your best friends could have died! McGonnagle took you and Harry to the hospital wing where you drifted into unconsciousness for the next couple days, purposely missing your exams"”not that Dumbledore cared.
  10. You left Hogwarts the next day with a heavy heart and wondering if Voldemort's threat was true. After all, you did have a dream that death eaters invaded Sonya's house. You hoped it was a bluff but couldn't wait to warn them, even if Blackwell thought you barmy! You spent the train ride with your new friends and planned to write over the summer. You also hoped that"”you now living in Little Whinging"”the Dursleys would allow Harry an occasional visitor if she claimed to be completely normal and hate all magic as well.
  11. How was this? Happy holidays and this will be my last installment for a few weeks because of break. Comment/rate/quizzes/polls/the usuals! Bye! Accio lame holiday results!

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