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  • My result was "Democrat", and I'm actually an anarcho communist/libertarian socialist. Perhaps their "radical left" is in reference to authoritarian communists/socialists, though maybe their questions/possible results aren't adequate. Regardless, in terms of democracy, I am more in favour of a direct vote democracy, not a heavily biased system that perpetuates fallacious perceptions of political possibilities, and perpetuates acceptance of capitalism. While we should vote while we have the state, to further our goals, we need not rely upon it, or even allow it to continue existing, especially when capitalism eventually ceases to exist. I'm anti-state, and anti-capitalism, if you can't tell.

  • Good quiz! My result was "Democrat", which I am, but only because to vote for a third party would only take a vote away from the Democrats, since only a Republican or a Democrat will win, anyway (in the U.S.). I'm actually in favor of a Socialist democracy, with a fairly elected executive and Congress, such as in Western Europe.

  • I got radical right? But all I did was say I hate communist countries because I hate Josef Stalin(Worst man to ever live) and say I love Adolf Hitler(Greatest man to ever live) how does that change a lot. Deutschland Sieg Heil!

    • what the hell you niger

  • My God, what is this? There are some options here that aren't displayed. For example, if someone says my country is bad (for a specific reason), I think if that person's argument has merit, rather than react.

  • I got Liberal... what

    • Wow... I got liberal because i believe that people should what they want without hurting each other and that the gov shouldn't control the market. last time i checked thats centrist

      Chance Hardwick
  • Cool quiz!


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