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  • Cool quiz!

    annafrozen12 Aug 24 '16, 11:53PM
  • My God, what is this? There are some options here that aren't displayed. For example, if someone says my country is bad (for a specific reason), I think if that person's argument has merit, rather than react.

    Jerrytheman9 May 23 '16, 10:54PM
  • I got radical right? But all I did was say I hate communist countries because I hate Josef Stalin(Worst man to ever live) and say I love Adolf Hitler(Greatest man to ever live) how does that change a lot. Deutschland Sieg Heil!

    LycanFerret Nov 1 '14, 9:41PM
  • Good quiz! My result was "Democrat", which I am, but only because to vote for a third party would only take a vote away from the Democrats, since only a Republican or a Democrat will win, anyway (in the U.S.). I'm actually in favor of a Socialist democracy, with a fairly elected executive and Congress, such as in Western Europe.

    motibutton Feb 25 '12, 2:27PM

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