Your political belief is...(world)

This quiz is just something I made in an afternoon, after I have taken a similar one. For that one I found it was very USA oriented. Therefore I tried to make this one more universal.

Still I feel I must warn you, for the questions, answers and their implications are not necessarily based on fact, but rather on my own opinion. If you agree with it, fine, if not, make your own quiz! Enjoy!

Created by: pero6131
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  1. What kind of healthcare system you feel is the best?
  2. What form of government you prefer?
  3. What is your belief about people keeping weapons at home?
  4. What sort of economy would you prefer?
  5. What kind of part should religion play in a society?
  6. You generally believe that
  7. Which historical leader you are most fond of?
  8. What is your opinion on pensions?
  9. What are your convictions about taxes?
  10. Are you afraid of communism or communist countries?
  11. There is a friend of yours that is speaking badly of your countries government. What is your first urge to do?
  12. Should there be control over media?
  13. How would you feel if your boss had a car that was just like yours?
  14. How do you feel about masses ruling?

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Quiz topic: My political belief is...(world)