your Percy Jackson life long results girls only (by caleo)

Hey peoples!!!How is it going?Please, please, do do my other quizzes!! If you know what it is, my other quizzes are related to the Warriors series!!!!

This quiz is about Percy Jackson (one of my favorite book series) it took a long time to create the quizzes, about two hours. Now do the quiz! Bye eye!!

Created by: Caleo forever!

  1. me: "hey guys! I've brought over some friends to ask questions! May I introduce ... A-" ( Percy walks out, smiling and waving) me:" I was about to say Annabeth." Percy: "oh." (Walks out.) me:"Annabeth!" (Annabeth walks in casually) Annabeth:"hey." Me:" ask away!" Annabeth:" which one of these weapons would you rather have?"
  2. Me:"next up... Cl-" (Percy walks in with riptide, smiling and waving) (clarrise walks in) clarrise:"you trying to steal my spot, punk?" Percy:"Clarrise! Your back from college!" Clarrise:"you bet I am, now get out before I break that sword over your head" (Percy sheathes riptide and scoots off the stage) clarrise:"what is your position in battle?"
  3. Percy:"can I go now?" Me:"no, it's Reyna's turn." (Reyna bursts through the curtains and bows while the crowd cheers) Reyna:"Greek or roman?"
  4. Me:"it's Percy's turn!" (Leo walks in) me:"where's Percy?" Leo:"I don't know, but he must be sad, all the toilets just burst open." *toilet bursts open* clarrise: "Percy!!!" *leo and me both have shocked & worried faces* Leo: what is your favorite color?"
  5. Me:"now it's Percy's turn! Percy, come on out!" (Percy runs across the stage screaming and flailing his arms) clarrise:"come back here, coward!" (Clarrise runs across the stage after Percy with her spear) ( frank walks in) frank:"I herd there was food." Me:"after we're done. Now, please ask a question." Frank:"which Greek God/goddess do you want as a parent?"
  6. Me:"ha-" (Percy walks in, beaten up) Percy:"okay, I'm ready." Me:(sigh)"it was Hazel's turn, but okay." Percy:"what is your favorite pastime?"
  7. Me:"Hazel, you can go now." (Hazel walks in with headphones on, dancing around) me:"hazel, hazel, HAZEL!!!" (Hazel takes off headphones and looks up) Hazel:"what?" Me:"ask a question!" Hazel:"oh. Ummm, ha! Which of the seven do you like better?"
  8. me:"nico, come on out!" (Nico comes out with a 'whatever' expression) nico:"yeah, whatever, pick a DC superhero."
  9. Me:"let fate decide."
  10. Me:"okay, sorry for all the troub- ahhh!!" (Gets trampled by clarrise) clarrise:"oh, your not Percy." (Gets up and walks out) me:"okay *pants* bye."

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Quiz topic: My Percy Jackson life long results girls only (by caleo)