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this is a quiz i made because i was too bored of just taking the personality type quizzes on here. ive actually liked the rpg ones, but i never saw any others, so ill be making one.

naruto is obviously a manga and anime we all know now. i read the manga and i have watched a little bit of the anime, but i will say it is a great manga. this is for females, unless you like men (and are a guy) but nonetheless, enjoy, and see who (out of 4) will be your boyfriend, or will like you. who are the 4 you ask? obviously, naruto uzumaki, sasuke uchiha, shikamaru nara, and gaara. enjoy!

Created by: amihei
  1. it is christmas time and you have a chance to go over to someone's house to spend the night of christmas eve and to christmas morning with. luckily, since sakura's family has gone away for the holidays, sakura is hosting a christmas party at her house. you really want to come, so you decide to pack.
  2. your phone rings. who could it be?
  3. "hey, there!" sakura is on the other side. "how are you? are you coming to the party?" she asks you. you reply, saying yes. you can hear her say "yes!" in the background. "alright then, hurry! it's gonna start soon, if you wanna be early!" she says.
  4. you arrive at the party and head in. "oh, you're here! welcome!" sakura says cheerfully. you smile at her and then notice everyone in the room. shikamaru, naruto, ino, choji, hinata, sasuke, sakura, gaara, lee, and neji are there. who do you decide to put your stuff by?
  5. a little later, we all head in for dinner. you look around. who to sit next to?
  6. we all have food we can choose to eat. "what do you want?" sakura asks you.
  7. the food is done. its time to party! sakura goes in front of everyone. "as you all know, christmas isn't merry without presents!" she smiles. "you can place your presents underneath the tree, now, and then we'll do some games!" everyone pitches in and places down their presents. you do the same.
  8. its time to play some games! we all vote for a game we want to play. what do you play?
  9. after all of the games, the last one is spin the bottle. you sit next to,
  10. "alright, who wants to go first?" sakura asks.
  11. "yeah, sakura! the host should go first," everyone says. she blushes and then smiles. "alright then," she says, and begins to spin the bottle.
  12. it lands on ino. the two's faces twist in mortification. "ew..." sakura kisses her on the cheek, and they both spit. you sneak a laugh at this. the game goes on until its your turn to spin.
  13. (if chosen naruto) the bottle lands on naruto. you blush, and then begin to get it over with.
  14. (if chosen sasuke) the bottle lands on sasuke. you blush, and then begin to get it over with.
  15. (if chosen gaara) the bottle lands on gaara. you blush, and then begin to get it over with.
  16. (if chosen shikamaru) the bottle lands on shikamaru. you blush, and then begin to get it over with.
  17. spin the bottle game is over. it's time to head to bed. we all get ready for bed, then open our sleeping bags.
  18. we watch a christmas movie in our sleeping bags, then most of us go to bed. you lay awake in your bag.
  19. it's morning. not just any morning, but its christmas! "merry christmas!" everyone says to each other. gaara and sasuke are silent. we all head to the tree. there is an abundace of presents!
  20. you get a present (from who you picked)
  21. you hand your present to...
  22. it's time to go now. you wave to everyone as you head home.
  23. hey, it's amihei here! did you like the quiz? this question doesnt count, but i hope you enjoyed it!

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Quiz topic: My naruto boyfriend (4 answers)