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  • uh... err...

    I answered my questions the answers i did because i thought they were funny.

    And calling people phycotic because their trying to be funny is'nt very nice. =]

    Just saying, not trying to be mean, 10 stars and all that. =D

    soo yeah I'm not phycotic.
    I went to a therepist when i was 8 but...
    It was for a stupid reason.

    I went down my own path (meaning i was kinda goth instead of that stupid preppy "normal" 8 year old) and the school thought something was wrong with me...

    Dumb f---ing school. XD

  • Haha, I'm psycotic... I always knew something was wrong with me :P

  • this is kinda kool, i guess. at least i know im an average person


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