your mental state

Test your mental stability and how well you hold up against this test, you can be ranked as average, creative or insane so choose your awnsers wisely.

when you take this quiz rember to tell your friends to take the quiz aswell, who knows you may just be insane and creative as some of the worlds greatist minds

Created by: Skullbolt
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  1. you are asked to help someone move what do you do?
  2. you are asked in school to draw a picture of your home for a holiday what do you draw?
  3. you are asked to find x in slope intercept form and tell the class what do you do?
  4. do you like puppies?
  5. do you like babies?
  6. do you hate lots of people?
  7. is life good?
  8. do you want a vacation?
  9. one or two?
  10. which is a fruit?

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Quiz topic: My mental state