Your luck; how lucky are you

About luck ^^ luck luck luck! dun do this unless u're retarded! Opps! U dun understand me! Muah ha ha ha! JKJK! so bye bye and forever bye bye. Gibberish!?! whatever!

Are you a genius! Oh no! U aren't so erm... eh... ah... thank to this great quiz you will turn to an idiot! or retard! whatever! so bye and erm... BYE! ^oo^

Created by: GhoStgIrL

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Choose:
  2. Choose:
  3. Are you:
  4. Can you:
  5. Choose:
  6. Choose:
  7. You will:
  8. You must:
  9. What is my name?
  10. Choose:
  11. Choose:
  12. What am I wearing?

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Quiz topic: My luck; how lucky am I