Your Knowledge of the Night World

In this world where the people of darkness control the very destiny of humans, we need to become more intune with the Night World. To gain knowledge of this strange world you must have read the Night World Series by L.J. Smith.

This test will take everything you have for you to live and tell the tale of the Night World. Test your knowledge of the Night World and see if you have what it takes to be as smart as Maya, Thierry, Quinn, or etc.

Created by: sam
  1. In Secret Vampire what disease does Poppy have?
  2. Why does Phillip dislike James at the beginning of Secret Vampire?
  3. Why does James go to Vegas?
  4. Who was the first person James tried to change into a vampire?
  5. Why do Rowan, Jade, and Kestral go to their Grandmothers house?
  6. What werewolf in Daughters of Darkness is very territorial?
  7. What do MAry-Linette and Ash have in common?
  8. What will happen if Thea or Blaise mess up again?
  9. How does Thea meet Eric?
  10. What circle does Blaise belong to?
  11. How is Gillian related to Angel?
  12. How does Gillian meet Angel?
  13. What did Angel do before he died?
  14. Who killed Rashel's mom?
  15. How does Rashel meet Quinn?
  16. What happens to Rashels brother?
  17. Why does Maya hate Hannah?
  18. What is Hannahs first supernatural encounter in her present life?
  19. Who does Hannah love?
  20. Who does Jez love?
  21. What is Maggies brother turned into?
  22. Who does Keller love?

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