Your hair length should be... (Boys)

There are people who want a hair style but you don't know how to choose which one. Well this quiz gives you a range of options from buzzed to waist length hair.

What hairstyle best fits you. This quiz features questions on how you would wear your hair or treat it to see if you cut out for the length you want it have always wanted.

Created by: Conor

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  1. How long would you ever grow your hair.
  2. For the next few questions, pretend you have waist - pec length hair... It's pouring rain how do you wear your hair to go outside?
  3. It's the Fourth of July you are watching the firework... How do you style your hair.
  4. Christmas
  5. Thanksgiving
  6. You just got out of the shower it's very wet.
  7. You go for a jog you hair is very sweaty. You can't go home for 3 hours
  8. You have to cut it. Why do you
  9. You get to the salon
  10. She measures your hair and it's in a pony tail
  11. She starts cutting it.
  12. She finishes and you now went from waist - pec length to just below ear length.
  13. Do you prefer long or short hair
  14. You see a guy with mid back length hair
  15. Now you have lower back hair. Strong winds blow and you hair stars flying
  16. You have long hair.

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Quiz topic: My hair length should be... (Boys)